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Tutorials Discussion, Connecting DVBViewer Pro to a newcamd/camd3 server howto? at Skystar 2 forum; Hi, I have a DVB-S2 card (Terratec Cineryg S2) in my computer and it runs fine with DVBViewer Pro + ...

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Connecting DVBViewer Pro to a newcamd/camd3 server howto?
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Connecting DVBViewer Pro to a newcamd/camd3 server howto? - 02-April-2008, 14:47


I have a DVB-S2 card (Terratec Cineryg S2) in my computer and it runs fine with DVBViewer Pro + vPlug for SD und HD channels. Unfortunately I can't get the cardsharing to run propably and only having Emu and FTA channels is not a permanent solution :)

I got NewCS 1.50 running on my server which shares a Sky UK FreeSAT card for Channel 4 (HD), Five and Sky Three. In addition to that I have a camd3 running on the same server sharing my Premiere full subscription card.

Everything works fine using my D-Box 2 (linux based, like Dreambox) receivers but not with my PC :(

Acamd works very unstable and managed to crash my entire Windows once so I've removed it.

But it was the only plugin which allowed my to watch the UK NDS channels without permanent freezers. I tried other tools like csc they worked for Premiere but produced freezers at every CW change on the UK channels.

But it was not a timing problem the server took only about 300 ms to answer which should be quite OK even for NDS.

According to the log those plugins always wrote a DW Even and a DW Odd for every single NDS ECM while they wrote DW Even and Odd in an alternating pattern for Premiere.

ECM1: DW Odd
ECM2: DW Even
ECM3: DW Odd

Sky channels:
ECM1: DW Odd
ECM1: DW Even
ECM2: DW Odd
ECM2: DW Even

I think this causes the freezers.

Do you have any tips for connecting my PC to my newcamd/camd3 server(s)?



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heinz123 (06-September-2010)
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14-May-2008, 19:50

I think you have two options:

- Configure newcamd connections through Gbox/Gboxplugin in combination with cs2gbox. See DVBViewer with Gbox tutorial for the download link.
- Configure mpcs cardserver and use emunation/Acamd to connect to mpcs using camd35 protocol by using the following information in cardclient.conf :

# camd35 client (udp protocol)

I'm using option 1 now, and works really great. No problems with SkyUK channels with ID 960 and 961 :)


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heinz123 (06-September-2010)
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15-May-2008, 15:14

I have the same problem guys. Can someone pls help me configure cs2gbox? Sounds like it may solve my issues!! :-)
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04-July-2008, 14:50

The best way I have found to do this is newcs and acamd. Simply setup newcs to allow newcamd connections and check it is detecting your card correctly. acamd can be used in two ways with dvbviewer 1) as a multidec plugin 2) as a dvbviewer plugin. By placing acamd.dll and config files in the "plugins" directory (NOT "MDplugins") acamd is activated as a dvbviewer plugin, the main reason for this is when attempted to decode encrytped HD channels CPU usage goes to 100% and freezes the computer if acamd is used in "MDplugins". The final step is to disable the acamd emm filtering as it does not work correctly in this situation, in your cardclient.conf you should have a line similar to this:


changing the number 1 to 0 after the 15000 will disable emm filtering in acamd.
should now look like this:


When you launch dvbviewer and open the acamd monitor you will notice a "dvb viewer pro" menu make sure "decode all channels" is unticked/disabled.

These fixes greatly improved the speed and reliability of watching fta and encrypted channels. You may still find sometimes channels freeze or do not decode simply changing channel or clicking "rebuild graph" will fix these problems. Also remember as we have disabled emm the card will have to go back into your sky/freesat box to be kept alive/ re-activated once every 2-3 weeks.

Last edited by WoOsH; 04-July-2008 at 16:34..
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27-October-2008, 11:21

what is the 0961 an exprection for? im trying to connect dvbviewer pro to newcs server with upper/ lower server with the CSC.dll plugin, (acamd don't work) but it only connect to the upper reader. its like it dosent try the other server when the first one fails. or so it looks when i watch the csc monitor. how come it dosent try both upper and lower when one or the other fails to deliver the key.

so i can only watch conax and not the NDS service.

how come?
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