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Peers Announcement Discussion, Biocide's Server Information at Exchange Your Share Servers forum; to reduce traffic use in .prior the line: P: 100:6a, 100:6c #(when your local is canal + NL) or P: ...

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reduce traffic - 17-May-2008, 18:00

to reduce traffic use in .prior the line:

P: 100:6a, 100:6c #(when your local is canal + NL)


P: 100:6c, 100:6a #(when your local is tvvlaanderen)
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17-May-2008, 20:37

Originally Posted by mrks View Post
Thanks Biocide got one more question for you. My number of cards on hop2 is getting higher so would it be better if i limit the cards that i have on hop1 to get the just from hop1 { caid:provider:1 }

Will this stabilize the server even more? Because as i can understand the more cards there are the server is getting more unstable it's normal because with higher number of cards more peers come and go and cccam needs more cpu time.

Regards an thenks for the great thread.
If you get the same card from many peers you can always block that card from some of those peers.
And if you get a card from some peers on hop1 then you can block it from other peers on hop2.
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13-June-2008, 00:17

Thanks for the good work Biocide, and thanks to the other members who contributed to this thread.

As mrks mentioned before, blocking-line does make the server more stable, resulting in sending and receiving more complete ECMs, as the server does not have to go through all the cards from the requested provider to find the card that works (a real card), that saves time and results in fast respond from the server side, which is the whole idea...

That helped me too lately, when the number of clients expanded, I found a good help right thanks a lot and keep up the good work guys.

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01-July-2008, 21:23

I have been offline for a 2 days.
I'm sorry i did not have time to announce this before but me and my wife had to hurry to the hospital to give birth to our second child.
A healthy little girl.
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mbnet (02-July-2008)
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01-July-2008, 23:31

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02-July-2008, 19:17

Lovely! Many many congrats!
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Biocide (02-July-2008)
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10-July-2008, 11:00

Soo Cute! Heartly Congrats
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Biocide (10-July-2008)
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13-July-2008, 19:22


wishing you & your wife -->

all the best


dreambox 8000- box with icvs images!!

remember u SPAM = i BAN

activley hunting nline stealers...!

beware...of with whom you share!!

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Biocide (13-July-2008)
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19-July-2008, 12:38

Originally Posted by Sharingtv View Post
Thanks man

but i have question about
How i can Know card provider to add it in ignore ? exactly ART 7W + ShowTime 7W ?

Look in CCcamInfoPHP there you can find it.
Show time and ART is the same
06040000 "Nova+ARY(13E) / Showtime+ART(7W) / CTI(15W) / BulSatCom(39E)"

Remember that a newbie is just an inexperienced expert
Beginners guide to successful cardsharing

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20-July-2008, 17:55

I wrote a little script which parses the popular "" file created by EnoSat & Mirrr looking for every provider with the words "Old", "Unused", or "Issuer"

This is the list of providers I got:

0100:0002 (Old) Orbit
0100:0003 (Old) Canal+ France
0100:0004 (Old) CSN France
0100:0005 (Old) Stream
0100:0009 (Old) CSN/TPS
0100:000A (Old) Prova
0100:000C (Old) CSD Espana
0100:000D (Old) TVB Superchannel
0100:000E (Old) Canal+ Horizons
0100:000F (Old) AB Sat
0100:0010 (Old) Telepiu/D+
0100:0011 (Old) Calcio+
0100:0012 (Old) Equida
0100:0013 (Old) Canal+ Belgique
0100:0014 (Old) Canal+ Vlaanderen
0100:0019 (Old) Canal+ Nederland
0100:001A (Old) CSAT Parabole Reunion
0100:001B (Old) On Digital
0100:001C (Old) Mediaset
0100:001D (Old) Cyfra+
0100:0020 (Old) C+ Nordic
0100:0021 (Old) Astro Tv
0100:0025 (Old) AB Sat
0100:0026 (Old) Zee Tv
0100:0029 (Old) Canal+ Horizons
0100:002E (Old) Canal+ Digitaal
0100:0031 (Old) Kiosque
0100:0033 (Old) Taquilla
0100:0034 (Old) Palco
0100:0037 (Old) Stream
0100:003E (ID.Unused) AB Sat
0100:0064 1.068&I>Tele (19E)/(Old) Digital+
0100:0066 (Old) CSD Spain/Digital+
0100:0067 (Old) Digital+
0100:0068 (ID.Unused) Cyfra+
0100:006B (ID.Unused) Canal+ Nederland
0100:006F (ID.Unused) CanalSat Horizons
0100:0070 (Old) Sky Italia
0100:0071 (Old) Sky Calcio
0100:0072 (Old) Sky Italia
0100:0073 (Old) Sky Italia
0100:007B (ID.Unused) MCT
0100:0082 (ID.Unused) Canal+ France
0100:0083 (ID.Unused) Canal+ France
0100:008C (Old) Canal+ Satmode
0100:009D (ID.Unused) Canal+ Belgique
0100:009E (ID.Unused) Canal+ Vlaanderen
0100:00A0 (Old) AB Sat
0100:00A1 (Old) AB Sat
0100:00A2 (Old) AB Sat
0100:00A3 (Old) AB Sat
0100:00AC (ID.Unused) Astro TV
0100:00AD (ID.Unused) Astro TV
0100:00AE (ID.Unused) Astro TV
0100:00B0 (ID.Unused) Zee Boquet
0100:00B2 (ID.Unused) Mediaset
0100:0158 (ID.Unused) Tv Numeric (DVBT)[5W]
0100:015A (ID.Unused) Tv Numeric (DVBT)[5W]
0100:331B (ID.Unused) CSAT
0100:331D (ID.Unused) CSAT
0100:4001 (Old) Digital+
0100:4002 (Old) Digital+
0100:4006 (ID.Unused) Discovery [tunneled SecaNagra]
0100:4101 (Old) Digital+
0100:4102 (Old) Digital+
0100:4108 (ID.Unused) Digital+ [tunneled SecaNagra]
0100:5001 (ID.Unused) Digital+ [tunneled SecaNagra]
0100:5211 (ID.Unused) MEO ADMIN [tunneled SecaNagra]
0100:5225 (ID.Unused) MEO RFU [tunneled SecaNagra]
0100:A829 (ID.Unused) CanalSAT
0500:001540 (Old) Telefonica
0500:001570 (Old) Cine+ Digital
0500:001C10 (Old) Globecast France
0500:002100 (Old) HTB+ Russia
0500:002500 (Old) Globecast France
0500:004800 (Old) FT Cable
0500:005500 (Old) MTV Networks
0500:007000 (Old) AB Sat
0500:007010 (Old) AB Sat
0500:007800 SIC Internacional (16E)/(Old) CSN
0500:008000 (Old) FTC
0500:008100 (Old) CSN
0500:008400 (Old) MCM
0500:008800 (Old) Telia Comhem Sweden
0500:008C00 (Old) Canal+ France
0500:008C10 (Old) Canal+ France
0500:009400 (Old) SRG Swiss
0500:009C00 (Old) SVT Europa
0500:009C10 (Old) SVT Europa
0500:009C20 (Old) SVT Europa
0500:009C30 (Old) SVT Europa
0500:009C40 (Old) SVT Europa
0500:00A000 (Old) BBC Prime
0500:00A800 (Old) Tele Danmark Selector
0500:00A810 (Old) Tele Danmark Selector
0500:00A820 (Old) Tele Danmark Selector
0500:00AC00 (Old) HRT Croatia
0500:00B000 (Old) RTV Slovenija
0500:00B400 (Old) UBEST
0500:00C000 (Old) C-Skynet
0500:00C010 (Old) C-Skynet
0500:00C020 (Old) C-Skynet
0500:00C030 (Old) C-Skynet
0500:00C400 (Old) NTV International
0500:00C410 (Old) NTV+
0500:00C800 (Old) Senda (Cable)
0500:00C810 (Old) Senda (Cable)
0500:00C820 (Old) Senda (Cable)
0500:00C830 (Old) Senda (Cable)
0500:00C840 (Old) Senda (Cable)
0500:00C850 (Old) Senda (Cable)
0500:00C860 (Old) Senda (Cable)
0500:00C870 (Old) Senda (Cable)
0500:00D400 (Old) Parabole Reunion
0500:00D540 (Old) TBS
0500:00D800 (Old) Televisa
0500:00E410 (Old) SCT
0500:00E430 (Old) RCT
0500:00E440 (Old) Canal 7 Madrid
0500:00E450 (Old) Retelsat
0500:00E470 (Old) Sex View
0500:00E800 (Old)GlobeCast Espana
0500:00F000 (Old) EMI Special
0500:00F520 (Old) NSAB
0500:00F800 (Old) Cine+ Cable
0500:010C00 (Old) Viasat
0500:010C10 (Old) Viasat
0500:010C20 (Old) Viasat
0500:010C30 (Old) Viasat
0500:010C40 (Old) Viasat
0500:011000 (Old) Deepam Tv
0500:011C00 (Old) EuroSport
0500:012000 (Old) Cine+ Digital
0500:012010 (Old) Cine+ Digital
0500:012800 (Old) MMBN
0500:012810 (Old) TBL TV
0500:012C00 (Old) C+ Horizons
0500:013400 (Old) Globecast
0500:014400 (Old) Channel Sun
0500:014800 (Old) Alpha Digital
0500:014880 (Old) Alpha Digital
0500:014C00 (Old) Television X
0500:015000 (Old) TPS
0500:016400 (Old) ART
0500:016800 (Old) SexView
0500:016810 (Old) SCT
0500:016C00 (Old) C-Skynet
0500:016C10 (Old) C-Skynet
0500:016C20 (Old) C-Skynet
0500:017000 (Old) TrueVision
0500:017010 (Old) TrueVision
0500:018810 (ID.Unused) Deepam
0500:018820 (ID.Unused) Deepam
0500:018C00 (Old) Neovisne TV Hayat
0500:019000 (Old) TVR Cultural
0500:019400 (Old) NSAB
0500:019410 (Old) NSAB
0500:019420 (Old) NSAB
0500:019430 (Old) NSAB
0500:019440 (Old) NSAB
0500:01A400 (Old) NTV+ Russia
0500:01AC00 (Old) RTV International
0500:020510 (ID.Unused) Boxer (DVBC)
0500:020520 (ID.Unused) Boxer (DVBC)
0500:020530 (ID.Unused) Boxer (DVBC)
0500:020540 (ID.Unused) Boxer (DVBC)
0500:020600 (Old) Viasat
0500:020610 (Old) Viasat
0500:020620 (Old) Viasat
0500:020630 (Old) Viasat
0500:020640 (Old) Viasat
0500:020830 (ID.Unused) BiS
0500:020840 (ID.Unused) BiS
0500:020850 (ID.Unused) BiS
0500:020860 (ID.Unused) BiS EXTRA
0500:020A10 (Old) HRT Basic
0500:020A20 (Old) HRT HBO
0500:020A30 (Old) HRT Private Gold
0500:020B20 (Old) EMI Special Channel
0500:020C00 (Old) SexTV
0500:020C10 (Old) SexTV
0500:020C20 (Old) SexTV
0500:020C30 (Old) SexTV
0500:020C40 (Old) SexTV
0500:021000 (Old) TV Lanka
0500:021120 (ID.Unused) ART
0500:021210 (ID.Unused) Asianet/TBL
0500:021220 (ID.Unused) Asianet/TBL
0500:021510 (Old) 247SexTV/DPTV
0500:021570 (Old) SexView/SexViewPlus
0500:021710 (ID.Unused) Private Spice
0500:021B10 (ID.Unused) Deepam
0500:021C10 (Old) Free-X/XDreamTV
0500:022100 (Old) Vectone
0500:022110 (Old) Vectone
0500:022210 (ID.Unused) Televisa
0500:022E10 (ID.Unused) Neovisne TV Hayat
0500:022F10 (ID.Unused) MAX TV
0500:023110 (ID.Unused) NSAB
0500:023120 (ID.Unused) NSAB
0500:023130 (ID.Unused) NSAB
0500:023140 (ID.Unused) NSAB
0500:023210 (ID.Unused) Boxer (DVBT)
0500:023220 (ID.Unused) Boxer (DVBT)
0500:023230 (ID.Unused) Boxer (DVBT)
0500:023240 (ID.Unused) Boxer (DVBT)
0500:023710 (ID.Unused) HTB+ HD
0500:024410 (ID.Unused) Dorcel/inXtc/freeX/XDream
0500:024510 (ID.Unused) SVT Europa
0500:024520 (ID.Unused) SVT Europa
0500:024F10 (ID.Unused) Max TV
0500:025120 (ID.Unused) Redlight/MCT
0500:025910 (ID.Unused) TVR
0500:030A10 (ID.Unused) HRT
0500:030A20 (ID.Unused) HRT
0500:030A30 (ID.Unused) HRT
0500:030A40 (ID.Unused) HRT
0500:032830 (ID.Unused) CSAT
0500:032840 (ID.Unused) CSAT
0500:FFF320 Issuer NSAB (5E)
0500:FFF400 Issuer GC/TPS/ART/BiS/TNT/CSAT (13E/19E)
0500:FFF420 Issuer -
0500:FFF430 Issuer SRG (13E)
0500:FFF450 Issuer SVT (5E)
0500:FFF460 Issuer BBC Prime (13E)
0500:FFF4A0 Issuer HRT (13E)
0500:FFF4B0 Issuer TVS (13E)
0500:FFF4F0 Issuer - pacific region
0500:FFF500 Issuer HTB+ (36E)
0500:FFF510 Issuer Boxer (DVBC)
0500:FFF530 Issuer Televisa (43W)
0500:FFF560 Issuer Localia (30W)
0500:FFF5B0 Issuer -
0500:FFF5F0 Issuer Deepam (13E)
0500:FFF610 Issuer -
0500:FFF710 Issuer Hayat (13E/4W)
0500:FFF720 Issuer TVR Cultural (Old)
0500:FFF7A0 Issuer Redlight (13E)
0500:FFF7E0 Issuer SPI (4W)
0500:FFF810 Issuer Private Spice (13E)
0500:FFF820 Issuer BHT/MAX TV (5E/13E/16E)
0500:FFF830 Issuer Dorcel/SexView (13E)
0500:FFF840 Issuer - pacific region
0500:FFF860 Issuer -
0500:FFF890 Issuer Poverkhnost (36E)
0500:FFF8A0 Issuer MAX TV (5E/13E/16E)
0500:FFF8F0 Issuer MCT/Redlight (13E)
0500:FFF920 Issuer JSC Sport+ (13E)
0500:FFFD00 Issuer MCT/ST-Hilo (13E/30W)
0618:(Old) inXtc/XPlus
0660:Ecuador TV`s (Old)
0924:(Old) STAR TV
09A0:(Old) STAR TV
0D00:04 (Old) MTV
0D00:08 (Old) MTV
0D00:14 (Old) MTV
0D00:64 (Old) BFBS TV
0D00:68 (Old) BFBS TV
0D00:C4 (ID.Unused) DigiTurk
0D00:C8 (ID.Unused) DigiTurk
0D00:CC (ID.Unused) DigiTurk
0D01:50 (Old) Czechlink
0D01:54 (Old) Czechlink
0D01:E0 (ID.Unused) JSTV
0D01:E8 (ID.Unused) JSTV
0D01:EC (ID.Unused) JSTV
0D02:80 (Old) UPC Direct
0D02:88 (Old) UPC Direct
0D02:8C (Old) UPC Direct
0D02:A4 (ID.Unused) UPC Direct
0D02:A8 (ID.Unused) UPC Direct
0D03:0C (ID.Unused) CS Link
0D03:10 (ID.Unused) CS Link
0D03:60 (ID.Unused) Turner
0D03:A4 (ID.Unused) JETIX
0D03:A8 (ID.Unused) JETIX
0D03:AC (ID.Unused) JETIX
0D03:B0 (Old)Xtra Music
0D03:C0 (Old) Digiturk
0D03:C4 (Old) Digiturk Lig
0D03:C8 (Old) Digiturk
0D04:08 (ID.Unused) DMC
0D04:0C (ID.Unused) DMC
0D04:10 (ID.Unused) DMC
0D04:14 (Old) KabelVision
0D05:08 (ID.Unused) ORF
0D05:0C (ID.Unused) ORF/(OLD) Easy.TV
0D06:08 (ID.Unused) ITV Partner PP
0D06:0C (ID.Unused) ITV Partner PP
0D06:10 (ID.Unused) ITV Partner PP
0D06:C4 (ID.Unused) ITV Partner
0D06:C8 (ID.Unused) ITV Partner
0D06:CC (ID.Unused) ITV Partner
0D07:08 (ID.Unused) Antena Hungaria (DVBC)
0D07:0C (ID.Unused) Antena Hungaria (DVBC)
0D07:10 (ID.Unused) Antena Hungaria (DVBC)
0D07:18 (ID.Unused) BFBS
0D07:1C (ID.Unused) BFBS
0D07:20 (ID.Unused) BFBS
0D08:18 (ID.Unused) AlMajd
0D08:1C (ID.Unused) AlMajd
0D08:20 (ID.Unused) AlMajd
0D0C:0C (Old) Easy.TV
0D0C:10 (Old) Easy.TV
0D0C:14 (Old) Easy.TV
0D0C:18 (Old) Easy.TV
0D0F:0C (ID.Unused) GITAL
0D0F:10 (ID.Unused) GITAL
0D22:08 (ID.Unused) tividi
0D22:0C (ID.Unused) tividi
0D22:10 (ID.Unused) tividi
0D70:08 (ID.Unused)SkyLink/SPI
0D70:0C (ID.Unused)SkyLink/SPI
0D70:10 (ID.Unused)SkyLink/SPI
1762:(Old) ORF
1800:0001 (Old) Dish Network
1800:0101 (Old) Dish Network
1800:0801 (Old)Bell ExpressVU
1800:0901 (Old)Bell ExpressVU
1800:1201 (Old) Americas
1800:1301 (Old) Americas
1800:1811 (Old) Media Park
1800:1911 (Old) Media Park
1800:4001 (Old) Via Digital
1800:4101 (Old) Via Digital
1800:4601 (Old) Euskatel (DVBC)
1800:4701 (Old) Euskatel (DVBC)
1800:4801 (Old) CABO
1800:4901 (Old) CABO
1800:4A01 (Old) TBL TV
1800:4B01 (Old) TBL TV
1800:6E01 (Old) ABS/CBN
1800:6F01 (Old) ABS/CBN
1800:7001 (Old) Polsat
1800:7101 (Old) Polsat
1800:7401 (Old) DigiFun
1800:7501 (Old) DigiFun
1800:9401 (Old) Hong Kong
1800:9501 (Old) Hong Kong
1800:A401 (Old) IKO Kable
1800:A501 (Old) IKO Kable
1800:C001 (Old) Globecast World
1800:C101 (Old) Globecast World
1801:0501 (ID.Unused) Premiere HD
1801:0503 (ID.Unused) Premiere Star
1801:0505 (ID.Unused) Premiere Star Erotik
1801:0511 (ID.Unused) Entavio
1801:1101 (ID.Unused) Kabel Deutschland
1801:1102 (ID.Unused) ISH/IESY/KabelBW (DVBC)
1801:2111 (ID.Unused) DigiTV
1801:2701 (ID.Unused) CableCom Swiss (DVBC)
1801:3101 (ID.Unused) ORF
1801:4001 (Old) Digital+
1801:4002 (Old) Digital+
1801:4101 (Old) Digital+
1801:4102 (Old) Digital+
1801:4701 (ID.Unused) Euskaltel (DVBC)
1801:4801 (Old) CABO TV
1801:4901 (Old) CABO TV
1801:5701 (ID.Unused) Onda Digital (DVBT)
1801:7101 (ID.Unused) Polsat
1801:7311 (ID.Unused) Telefonica
1801:9501 (ID.Unused) HKC
1801:C101 (ID.Unused) Globecast/TV Globo CARD
1801:C102 (ID.Unused) TV Globo
1802:2111 (ID.Unused) DigiTV [NS-ROM1xx]
1802:4901 (ID.Unused) CABO [NS-ROM142]
1802:8C11 (Old) Mediaset Premium
1802:8D11 (Old) Mediaset Premium
1803:7101 (ID.Unused) Polsat HD [NS-ROM142]
1803:8D11 (ID.Unused) Mediaset Premium
1804:8D11 (ID.Unused) Mediaset Premium
1807:7A11 (ID.Unused) Glamour+
1810:4101 (ID.Unused) Digital+ [NS-ROM180]
1810:B101 (ID.Unused) Premiere Film Hotel
1815:B901 (ID.Unused) UPC [NS-ROM142]
1815:FFFF (ID.Unused) Bell [NS-ROM1xx]
1820:5701 (ID.Unused) Localia
1830:3501 (ID.Unused) Premiere
1830:3503 (ID.Unused) Premiere Star
1830:3504 (ID.Unused) Entavio
1830:3511 (ID.Unused) Entavio Start
1831:1003 (Old) Premiere HD Kabel
1831:1103 (Old) Premiere HD Kabel
1833:FFFF (ID.Unused) Premiere [NS-ROMxxx]
4A63:(Old) SexViewXXX [Netion SHL]
4AA0:(Old) MCT
5500:(Old) Tricolor TV[Z-Crypt]
To ignore them, add them to every C line as follows

C: hostname port username password no { 0:0:2, <list> }

0100:0002, 0100:0003, 0100:0004, 0100:0005, 0100:0009, 0100:000A, 0100:000C, 0100:000D, 0100:000E, 0100:000F, 0100:0010, 0100:0011, 0100:0012, 0100:0013, 0100:0014, 0100:0019, 0100:001A, 0100:001B, 0100:001C, 0100:001D, 0100:0020, 0100:0021, 0100:0025, 0100:0026, 0100:0029, 0100:002E, 0100:0031, 0100:0033, 0100:0034, 0100:0037, 0100:003E, 0100:0064, 0100:0066, 0100:0067, 0100:0068, 0100:006B, 0100:006F, 0100:0070, 0100:0071, 0100:0072, 0100:0073, 0100:007B, 0100:0082, 0100:0083, 0100:008C, 0100:009D, 0100:009E, 0100:00A0, 0100:00A1, 0100:00A2, 0100:00A3, 0100:00AC, 0100:00AD, 0100:00AE, 0100:00B0, 0100:00B2, 0100:0158, 0100:015A, 0100:331B, 0100:331D, 0100:4001, 0100:4002, 0100:4006, 0100:4101, 0100:4102, 0100:4108, 0100:5001, 0100:5211, 0100:5225, 0100:A829, 0500:001540, 0500:001570, 0500:001C10, 0500:002100, 0500:002500, 0500:004800, 0500:005500, 0500:007000, 0500:007010, 0500:007800, 0500:008000, 0500:008100, 0500:008400, 0500:008800, 0500:008C00, 0500:008C10, 0500:009400, 0500:009C00, 0500:009C10, 0500:009C20, 0500:009C30, 0500:009C40, 0500:00A000, 0500:00A800, 0500:00A810, 0500:00A820, 0500:00AC00, 0500:00B000, 0500:00B400, 0500:00C000, 0500:00C010, 0500:00C020, 0500:00C030, 0500:00C400, 0500:00C410, 0500:00C800, 0500:00C810, 0500:00C820, 0500:00C830, 0500:00C840, 0500:00C850, 0500:00C860, 0500:00C870, 0500:00D400, 0500:00D540, 0500:00D800, 0500:00E410, 0500:00E430, 0500:00E440, 0500:00E450, 0500:00E470, 0500:00E800, 0500:00F000, 0500:00F520, 0500:00F800, 0500:010C00, 0500:010C10, 0500:010C20, 0500:010C30, 0500:010C40, 0500:011000, 0500:011C00, 0500:012000, 0500:012010, 0500:012800, 0500:012810, 0500:012C00, 0500:013400, 0500:014400, 0500:014800, 0500:014880, 0500:014C00, 0500:015000, 0500:016400, 0500:016800, 0500:016810, 0500:016C00, 0500:016C10, 0500:016C20, 0500:017000, 0500:017010, 0500:018810, 0500:018820, 0500:018C00, 0500:019000, 0500:019400, 0500:019410, 0500:019420, 0500:019430, 0500:019440, 0500:01A400, 0500:01AC00, 0500:020510, 0500:020520, 0500:020530, 0500:020540, 0500:020600, 0500:020610, 0500:020620, 0500:020630, 0500:020640, 0500:020830, 0500:020840, 0500:020850, 0500:020860, 0500:020A10, 0500:020A20, 0500:020A30, 0500:020B20, 0500:020C00, 0500:020C10, 0500:020C20, 0500:020C30, 0500:020C40, 0500:021000, 0500:021120, 0500:021210, 0500:021220, 0500:021510, 0500:021570, 0500:021710, 0500:021B10, 0500:021C10, 0500:022100, 0500:022110, 0500:022210, 0500:022E10, 0500:022F10, 0500:023110, 0500:023120, 0500:023130, 0500:023140, 0500:023210, 0500:023220, 0500:023230, 0500:023240, 0500:023710, 0500:024410, 0500:024510, 0500:024520, 0500:024F10, 0500:025120, 0500:025910, 0500:030A10, 0500:030A20, 0500:030A30, 0500:030A40, 0500:032830, 0500:032840, 0500:FFF320, 0500:FFF400, 0500:FFF420, 0500:FFF430, 0500:FFF450, 0500:FFF460, 0500:FFF4A0, 0500:FFF4B0, 0500:FFF4F0, 0500:FFF500, 0500:FFF510, 0500:FFF530, 0500:FFF560, 0500:FFF5B0, 0500:FFF5F0, 0500:FFF610, 0500:FFF710, 0500:FFF720, 0500:FFF7A0, 0500:FFF7E0, 0500:FFF810, 0500:FFF820, 0500:FFF830, 0500:FFF840, 0500:FFF860, 0500:FFF890, 0500:FFF8A0, 0500:FFF8F0, 0500:FFF920, 0500:FFFD00, 0618:000000, 0660:000000, 0924:000000, 09A0:000000, 0D00:04, 0D00:08, 0D00:14, 0D00:64, 0D00:68, 0D00:C4, 0D00:C8, 0D00:CC, 0D01:50, 0D01:54, 0D01:E0, 0D01:E8, 0D01:EC, 0D02:80, 0D02:88, 0D02:8C, 0D02:A4, 0D02:A8, 0D03:0C, 0D03:10, 0D03:60, 0D03:A4, 0D03:A8, 0D03:AC, 0D03:B0, 0D03:C0, 0D03:C4, 0D03:C8, 0D04:08, 0D04:0C, 0D04:10, 0D04:14, 0D05:08, 0D05:0C, 0D06:08, 0D06:0C, 0D06:10, 0D06:C4, 0D06:C8, 0D06:CC, 0D07:08, 0D07:0C, 0D07:10, 0D07:18, 0D07:1C, 0D07:20, 0D08:18, 0D08:1C, 0D08:20, 0D0C:0C, 0D0C:10, 0D0C:14, 0D0C:18, 0D0F:0C, 0D0F:10, 0D22:08, 0D22:0C, 0D22:10, 0D70:08, 0D70:0C, 0D70:10, 1762:0, 1800:0001, 1800:0101, 1800:0801, 1800:0901, 1800:1201, 1800:1301, 1800:1811, 1800:1911, 1800:4001, 1800:4101, 1800:4601, 1800:4701, 1800:4801, 1800:4901, 1800:4A01, 1800:4B01, 1800:6E01, 1800:6F01, 1800:7001, 1800:7101, 1800:7401, 1800:7501, 1800:9401, 1800:9501, 1800:A401, 1800:A501, 1800:C001, 1800:C101, 1801:0501, 1801:0503, 1801:0505, 1801:0511, 1801:1101, 1801:1102, 1801:2111, 1801:2701, 1801:3101, 1801:4001, 1801:4002, 1801:4101, 1801:4102, 1801:4701, 1801:4801, 1801:4901, 1801:5701, 1801:7101, 1801:7311, 1801:9501, 1801:C101, 1801:C102, 1802:2111, 1802:4901, 1802:8C11, 1802:8D11, 1803:7101, 1803:8D11, 1804:8D11, 1807:7A11, 1810:4101, 1810:B101, 1815:B901, 1815:FFFF, 1820:5701, 1830:3501, 1830:3503, 1830:3504, 1830:3511, 1831:1003, 1831:1103, 1833:FFFF, 4A63:0, 4AA0:0, 5500:0
Hope this helps and improves the stability of your server.

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