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hacienda 04-July-2011 23:06

To all peeps sharing with me my local card was switched off by BSKYB. I recieved a letter from them saying they suspected that i was using my card to to share SKY content. Ive ordered a new card which got lost in the post and now am waiting for another sky card from a uncles address to be delivered.The crazy thing is I dont know how they found this out as i dont have my people on my share only 10 but i did issue one reshre so am thinking of not allowing reshares when the new one comes.Also i did use the online boxkey generator to gain my NDS boxkey so thats also a flaw.Any info as to how they might be finding out us SKY subscribers are sharing our cards would be helpful as to keep my new card safe.

Also thank you for your patience while i sort this out and would understand if you wanted to # my cline until you see my local again.

Ive email/PMed those ive got contact info for but not all who share with me.

cold007 04-July-2011 23:13

have you added any new peers latly=?


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