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Fear-na-Boinne 30-June-2014 23:25 down!
Just as an FYI to anyone using free DNS services, or peering with someone who does: is NOT RESOLVING at this time! :eek:

So don't blame your peers, it's the DNS provider! :cool:

bozmann 01-July-2014 01:49

Thanks for the heads up mate!
Any idea when they will be up again?

BigBurger 01-July-2014 11:34

Doesn't look like they'll be up again as they were -
[email protected] have seen to that.

Barney2222 01-July-2014 13:30

No-ip dot com is still okay .

deskag 03-July-2014 01:30

It seems that they are trying to work something out.
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