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skyit 9995
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skyit 9995 - 24-January-2013, 20:03

Have a question inside me that I'm not able to answer
Have Linux PC with Debian Squeeze and with some smorgo read my locals
that means PC connected to dm8000 trough internal lan and outside trough internet
into past I had 1 time 9994 and twice 9995

so how is the connection trough receiver to PC ?
I mean How does the card be effected by the 9994 & 9995 if is not connected to antenna where probabily is arriving some bad ecm?
Had all time updated tiers into orig rec
well I'm thinking that is something like a time bomb; if the card do not reconaise to be on original rec is blocked itself

some others ideas are appreciated
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24-January-2013, 20:36

yes its a bad ECM killer.
Probably related to ZKT which is used in skybox but not in EMU and the regular decoding works without it.
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25-January-2013, 15:43

Originally Posted by monassa View Post
so how is the connection trough receiver to PC ?
I mean How does the card be effected by the 9994 & 9995 if is not connected to antenna where probabily is arriving some bad ecm?
i think u misunderstood the basic (easy language) concept of how this works :

Antenna receives Stream (stream includes ECMs).
Dreambox sees ECMs, wants to have a reply from the Card so it can decode the Stream content.
Ofcourse, instead of asking a physical CAM with a physical Card, it asks the Softcam, which in return asks the server. It sends the ECM to the server, where there is a reader with a physical Card. The server gives the ECM to the card, and the card replies to that ECM. This reply is then sent back to the Dreambox, which then acts as if it had received it from the card directly, and decodes the Stream Content.

In this process (sending the ECM to the card), the damn ECM that enables a small counter within the card, has done its work.
Now the card waits for an EMM that disables/resets this counter (probably len 22 or 42, I believe it isn't perfectly clear yet).
Unfortunately, even if you allow all EMMs through, the OSCAM software doesn't know what to do with it, and doesn't even identify it as an EMM for your card ... hence, the EMM never arrives, the counter is never reset, and after some time (unknown timespan) it goes into error 9995.
The original Receivers know perfectly well what to do with that EMM, hence they process it correctly, and they disable/reset the counter.

IN THEORY (mark the word THEORY pls) you could think that putting the card into the original box every night, and allowing it to be in oscam only through the day, COULD be enough to avoid the problem ... unfortunately, this is only speculation. We currently have (to my knowledge) no idea about the counter. We do not know if it counts the number of times it has received that "killer-ECM", or if it only waits for the EMM for a specific time, etc.
We also have no idea about how long it waits for that EMM, or how many times it has to receiver the ECM before it shuts down.
It also may be completely different (killer-ECM enables the counter, counter rises by one for _each_ ECM, not just the killer one, and at the number of 2000 it puts card into error 9995 ... just one example).

Also, early reports (December 2012) that they may have stopped to send the ECM out seems to have been mistakes, as there are again people reporting to have receiver the error 9995 ... so appearently, SlyIT is still sending out the ECM. And the OSCAM devs are not interested in looking further into solving the issue ... if somebody else writes a patch for it, and submits it to the OSCAM team (as had happened with error 9993), then maybe it will be merged, but right now this is all unlikely ...

Hope this helps you a bit !

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25-January-2013, 16:29

One thing is sure : There is no ECM counter at ALL !!
There are many friends here reporting that card was used only by themselves in dbox and they got 9995. If it would be an ECM counter than it is weasy to control with ecm counter in oscam configuration.


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