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Chat Discussion, Statement from Corrado, Admin of Nabilo Team at General Discussions forum; Dear All .................... It has been from long time that i wanted to start this topic. What i wanted to ...

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Statement from Corrado, Admin of Nabilo Team
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Exclamation Statement from Corrado, Admin of Nabilo Team - 28-September-2009, 07:31

Dear All

It has been from long time that i wanted to start this topic.
What i wanted to highlight with this post of mine is that we must do something to protect our hobby and our passion which we have given so much effect and so much effect still we are giving and prevent it from dying just because many (or at least the best) coders are leaving the development of firmware and application for the dreambox cause the one way job that we are subject to.

I will explain myself. I think that all of you know by now that DMM=IHAD. Is known that they are a little family and the developers of the CVS are coding and following just the Ihad forum, even the CVS in themselves are reflecting an active interchange of the one way affair with the admins and leaders of the XXXXXX team.

I do not know if you are aware of how the Ihad treat the other teams and anything that is not developed by them or in their board.
The other teams exists only in the proportion of their activity on their board and the they become engobled by them.
They have a strong patriotic influence in their way towards other teams to the point to compare them to car manufacture (ex : Ihad=Mercedes , Italian team=Fiat) . On their board they strictly speak German even in public thread were other foreign team are involved.
This mentality has been from the start and nowadays is getting worse.
I dont know if all of you for example know about the first plugin CCCinfo at the time of Enigma1 it was coded by Bacicciosat & Tissa , them days was a revolutionary plugin and was completely hacked by the Ihad team in matter of days in the way that could be used by the XXXXXX image. This was unfair and childish and left many of us speechless. There are so many things that could be said on the subject like for example the drivers and the secondstage that the DMM offer direct to the Ihad in some versions that we normal team do not get a chance to even see ( ex: clone bomb cvs and some ghost ss for the 7025).
Now back to today have you seen what happened to Nabilo team soon their images start to become very popular on the Ihad board and got loads of credit and attention ? Anyhow im not gonna go into details as this has benefit someone and can lead to other topics.
The effects of all this is that none is gone against the Ihad team, against that haughtiness and that extreme devotion to their ideas of consider themselves the only team in the world and the only original firmware for the Dreambox. Everyone does not care and keeps the XXXXXX in their dreamboxes even if they do not use as main firmware, everyone still think of XXXXXX as a good thing and rigt for their boxes but still come to the other boards pretending new image update and software to keep up with the DMM and the Ihad work.
What im trying to say here is that in my opinion this is killing other teams, very soon in the end ,there will be only the XXXXXX because the best Coders or people that work very hard and sacrifice their time to this hobby, is getting bored to get bullied from DMM and Ihad. We got to the stage that this guys have been trying to stop us in every way they can as soon as they think that what we produce can bother their top spot that they maintain on all dreambox users with the DMM help.
Everything is fine if someone works in an environment controlled by them and our woks are made public in an anonymous way which can contribute to the DMM success (fix been sent to the cvs) or the success of Ihad ( help given for XXXXXX plugin or translation of their work).But attention if someone is better then them or have more success and is not from their community or does not work with their firmware is got to be stopped ( see what happened to the skinners Matrix & Army that have not comply with them). What i see is that the enthusiasm and the drive of the best people are dying slowly and soon there will only be Ihad and the owners of the firmware . This is really upsetting me as all the passion and the input of so many people that even before us have given to dreambox world and stiil are giving is only useless because is not respected.
I know that not all of you agree with my thoughts and some of you think that this is the rules of the game and there is nothing we can do about it. I acknowlXXXe that in an ideal and perfect world many thing could be done.
The first thing that spring into my head are......
First af all we should make a strategy in which we should separate the work coming direct from DMM and the work coming from Ihad. In second place start a boycott of the Ihad explaining publically why we think that their way to do is killing the dreambox world .
That would be easy achieved by inviting all the leaders of the dreambox team in a closed/reserved site where it could be decide together what politic and action to ake towards the monopoly of the Ihad.
All the works and skin coming from Ihad should be boycotted by not translating them in other language etc etc....
In each image/firmware developed by the joining team there would be an application that scans the device searching for a image,skin, plugin by the Ihad and if it finds one a warning would appear explain the boycott towards the Ihad team.
The Italian team already started taking this in consideration and hopefully every other team will follow. Once there are enough teams we could go to knock to the DMM doors and claim that we contribute to their life,their success, and they must help us directly to develop a better software and must give us more respect and consideration.
Come back to reality i know that this is utopia and hard to apply to real action because at the end none cares because there are always people that will work on the dreambox project to make the users happy to use a product available and not caring of what is going on, even users pretending more and more from teams that are not supported by DMM. Even thought this is pure utopia im here talking about it because i seen so many people throwing the sponge, beside all the people that left in the past i look at today and i see people like KERNI that destroyed everyone around him to be the prince of the castle. I see loss of fantasy, creativity just for the way Ihad treats everyone.
I dont know if my ideas will be taking in considerations but at least with this post i have open the eyes of some of you even if in future nothing will be done and all the good coders, skinners etc will abandon the dreambox world in silence you now know why.
To end this i hope that even if there is not a chance to do anything at least i have speak up hoping that who use the XXXXXX who makes publicity to the XXXXXX, who traduce the plugin and the skins may be deep down one day will understand that they contribute to the end of the dreambox world.
The dreambox world is exist thanks to us too that dedicate our time and our souls to develop and enrich it, we have offered our money to put up forums to help people to share our hobby, this world exists thanks to people like Musicbob that with his creativity opened up doors that without them the today Barry Allen would not exists. This is not a world that exists only thanks to Ihad to which all of us should kneel to
I hope that soon we start to stick up our chins

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