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firetree 18-October-2009 13:16

Hello from firetree
Hello to all, I'm just starting out. I've an OME dm500s, an A*T a*abesque card, null modem cable and a whole lot of learning to do. feel free to advise where to start with software. Look forward to sharing soon.:smiley_banana:

satcat 18-October-2009 13:30

first thing m8, is you,ll need a image on it..i always use PLI Jade myself..but thats a personal preference,,you,ll need to get that on ur box using ur null cable, and using some software..Dreamup is good/ that first then back for more that helps you get going.cheers satcat

firetree 18-October-2009 15:19

Thanks for that. I've juist discovered my Null modem cable is going to require a male to female adaptor. This will take a few days to arrive. Thanks so far... Back in a while.

satcat 18-October-2009 17:29

you can do it by Etherenet cable if you want /?save waiting?use Wizard pro,, in stead of dreamup..cheers satcat

juaneles 18-October-2009 18:14

Hello and welcome to pass and enjoy eurocardsharing forum

firetree 30-October-2009 19:20

OK. I've got the null modem cable sorted, and I've loaded the PLI Jade Image to the DM500s, then I rescanned. What's the best way to continue... Sorry it took a while. Cheers.

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