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Atataya 09-July-2009 00:39

Pleased to meet yall
Hi there all,

Just showing who the new guy is...

Atataya, from the beatifull country of Holland.
Owning two Dreambox DM 500 's(pli-jade 6494), a small home network ran by ClackConnect containing several network deveices such as printers, network storage and an iMac and WinXP PC in harmony.
(the harmony is sometimes a bit lost, wich is why I like it I guess)

excusing myself for my poor skills in Englisch, my Dutch is even worse.

I'm hoping with the help of this forum I'm able to watch TV in the bedroom aswell as the livingroom using my CanalDigitaal smartcard.
Also hoping to gather some info if any one ever succesfully recorded a movie to an network drive over lan in a good fashion and exceptable bitrate.

Big hopes as you can see.

Cheers in advance and I hope for nice visits around here.

Greetz Ata

afroman 09-July-2009 04:18

Hello to you and welcome.

opala 09-July-2009 05:27

Thanks for be part of this forum,

read rules,

and see yea m8!


ozfromcuba 09-July-2009 18:31

Welcome to ECS


Charly20 09-July-2009 19:06

welcome to the forum. :smile:

enjoy your time here and don't forget to read and follow the rules.


Atataya 13-July-2009 02:49

Cheers guys for the welcome replies.

I don't realy get why you guys keep hammering about the forum rules?
Have they been violated so bad?
Or is it so hard to behave for the common forum browser?

Any way, I read the rules, my moma did her best in teaching me rights an wrongs so I guess I'll stay out of trouble....

What I do wander is the following.

From reading around here I'm getting the picture that this forum doesn't aprove on commercial card sharing, and don't tollerate threads about this.
which in my opinion is:
Sharing your legal smartcard over the internet and making a receiving party pay for that.
So I don't understand discusions about losing and finding peers.
But I'm newbe in satland.

Most sat forums you get banned for just the word cardsharing it self.

Some one please enlighten me.


Charly20 13-July-2009 07:49

the point is that here in this forum you exchange your card(s) as a hobby. If you ask a peer some money for your card / server, then you are a pay server and you will be banned.

Losing a peer is when you had a great peer (card/server) and he is not connecting to you anymore and maybe you don't have his contact info.

Finding peers is just adding card/server to you.

Read around and enjoy your time.

Atataya 13-July-2009 12:06

Let me get this straight.

If some one would share his/ her card with me (me having or being a peer?) would make it possible for me to wacht, lets say, American programs while resided in Europe.
Provided that I have a dish pointing to a satelite broadcasting American TV?

Is that correct?
Thats a scenario never game to my mind, sure nice though.
( is that why you have 10 dishes, my wife would devorce me instantly.....)

dimking 13-July-2009 12:16

you can receive a lot, like about +5500 channels (and still nothing on tv :biggrin:) which are air'd in europe.. you cannot however (in normal conditions like a 80cm dish) receive american sat's, unless you are a feedhunter on telstar, than you can pick up some program's which are transmitted to europe..

Charly20 13-July-2009 13:30


Originally Posted by dimking (Post 289019)
you can receive a lot, like about +5500 channels (and still nothing on tv :biggrin:)

that's so true ...

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