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Bacteria 22-July-2012 15:00

MobiTV's network DVR offers turn-key VOD and international DRM
MobiTV's network DVR offers turn-key VOD and international DRM

Michelle Clancy | 20-07-2012

TV Everywhere enablement company MobiTV will release its network DVR (nDVR) solution as a standalone licencable solution to pay TV and wireless operators.

The MobiTV nDVR handles complex rights management across countries by efficiently configuring for any of the governing international rules. MobiTV's nDVR was previously available only as an element of MobiTV's end-to-end multiscreen platform.

nDVR allows viewers to record and store television content in the cloud, rather than on a DVR box in their home. As a result, consumers can record an unlimited number of programmes at any time and retrieve them anywhere, inside or outside the home, on connected devices.

For service providers, the functionality reduces the cost of investing in set-top boxes for subscribers. They can instead send them a thin box that requires only an Internet connection and HDMI cable to interface with the cloud-hosted nDVR system.

The nDVR also offers operators a turn-key video on demand (VOD) solution by offering storage of a single, cloud-based master copy of all channels offered, which can be accessed by consumers. This configuration does not require the viewer to initiate recordings and, in effect, offers catch-up TV and VOD for any programme across multiple authorised devices, since all channels are continuously recorded.

Individual programs are written to a cloud-based storage area for the individual subscriber, with a pre-designated configurable amount of available storage.

"Rights management has long been a difficult process for service operators to navigate on an international scale," said MobiTV CEO Charlie Nooney. "The MobiTV nDVR removes barriers for operators and provides the solution for a true TV Everywhere experience."

Current international digital rights management for cloud-based DVR systems is a complex set of rules. The MobiTV nDVR is a policies-based system that enables network operators to honor restricted digital rights requirements, permitting recording inside or outside the home as the rights allow. As rules governing rights management are fluid, the nDVR seamlessly shifts policies to comply with new rules instead of needing to deploy new solutions.


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