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Eggs_n_Beans 12-April-2007 11:48

Which Receiver do you use
Which Receiver do you use ?
Help us to improve (if possible!) this forum.

stargateuser 22-April-2007 23:24

DM7020 x 2. home and work. waiting on dm8000

Quik_SiLver 22-April-2007 23:55

Dreambox 7020si + Next 8000Xcam+SS2+Next 7500 DAPCI + Next CIS Super Plus

root 23-April-2007 11:13

Dreambox 7000s samsung 9500viaci

satwien 24-April-2007 22:27

DM 7000 + DM 7020. Just waiting for DM8000 :smiley_banana:

icekiller 25-April-2007 15:50

if anybody wants to sponsor me a dm8000 i have no problems with that ^^

i have a dm 7020 and if i get the money a dm600

no longer registrated 27-April-2007 14:42

Skystar 1:smiley_banana: :smiley_banana: :smiley_banana:

[email protected] 27-April-2007 16:36

DM7000 Dm7020 x2 Dm500s but the best reciever i have is Dbox2 Nokia 2xI

spack 16-May-2007 15:12

Dreambox 500s, still trying to install and stuff,
its not easy to get started.

munna 16-May-2007 18:16

Dreambox 7020 & Dreambox 500 relook

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