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Satellite Tv Guide Discussion, Films on Multivision 24th / 01st June / July at General Satellite News forum; Satellite: Hotbird 6 Position: 13.0 East Frequency: 11662V Encryptions: Viacc*ss 2 & TPScr*pt June 24 to July 1 The films ...

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Films on Multivision 24th / 01st June / July
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Films on Multivision 24th / 01st June / July - 25-June-2007, 18:10

Satellite: Hotbird 6
Position: 13.0 East
Frequency: 11662V
Encryptions: Viacc*ss 2 & TPScr*pt
June 24 to July 1
The films given are only meant has a guide and could be in French language or even a different film provided by the provider. Correct as on the TPS website and no I do not know the times they are shown?
The Sentinel (2006) (Multi 2, 3 & 7) Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Starring Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland, Kim Basinger, Eva Longoria and Paul Calderon. Directed by Clark Johnson.
The veteran agent of the American secret service Pete Garrison saved the life of president Ronald Reagan in the past and became a legend. Presently he is responsible for the personal security of the American president Ballentine and the first lady Sarah Ballentine, with whom he is having a love affair. When his informer Walter discloses that there is a traitor in the secret service and a plot to kill the president, his former friend David Breckinridge and the chief of the secret service William Montrose are in charge of the investigation and all the agents are submitted to a polygraph test. Due to his situation with Sarah, he is compromised with the results and accused of treachery. He escapes, and in spite of chased by the secret service, he conducts his own investigation trying to find the responsible.
Mission Impossible 3 (Multi 6 & 7) Action / Adventure / Thriller
Starring Tom Cruise, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ving Rhames, Billy Crudup and Michelle Monaghan. Directed by J.J. Abrams.
Super-spy Ethan Hunt has retired from active duty to trains new IMF agents. But he is called back into action to confront the toughest villain he's ever faced - Owen Davian, an international weapons and information provider with no remorse and no conscience. Hunt assembles his team - his old friend Luther Strickell, transportation expert Declan, and background operative Zhen, to rescue one of his very own trainees, Lindsey who was kidnapped while on a surveillance detail of Davian. It soon becomes evident that Davian is well-protected, well-connected, and downright malicious, forcing Hunt to extend his journey back into the field in order to rescue his wife, Julia, and uncover IMF double agents in the process.
Superman Returns (2006) (Multi 6) Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Starring Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, Brandon Routh, Eva Marie Saint, Frank Langella, Parker Posey and Peta Wilson. Director Bryan Singer.
Plotting against his demise Lex Luthor, once more wants to take over the world by creating his very own, and in the process wiping out the lives of billions. After a five-year absence, looking for remnants of his home planet long gone his return finds Lois as a new mother and a new world that has become unrecognisable, his return could not be better timed. With the world once again at the mercy of a madman, it is up to Superman to once again safe us all. Can he too return the world around and defeat his evil adversary and the peril that hangs over us forever?
A Scanner Darkly (2006) (Multi 2 & 7) Animation / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Starring Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr, Winona Ryder, Melody Chase, Mitch Baker and Woody Harrelson. Director Richard Linklater.
Set in a future world where America has lost the war on drugs, an undercover cop, Fred, is one of many agents hooked on the popular drug Substance D, which causes its users to develop split personalities. Fred, for instance, is also Bob, a notorious drug dealer. Along with his superior officers, Fred sets up an elaborate scheme to catch Bob and tear down his operation.
Fair Play (2006) (Multi 5) Thriller
Starring Marion Cotillard, Melanie Doutey, Benoit Magimel, Jeremie Renier, Eric Savin. Directed by Lionel Bailliu.
A company, where manipulation and harassment is a problem between colleagues, decides to organize a canyoning trip for its employees. The building tensions between co-workers might actually explode during this trip.
Lady in the Water (2006) (Multi 7) Fantasy / Mystery / Thriller
Starring Paul Giamatti, Bryce Dallas Howard, Freddy Rodriguez, Jeffrey Wright, Bob Balaban. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.
The super Cleveland Heep finds a woman swimming in the swimming pool of the condominium during the night; he slips, hits his head on the floor and faints in the water, and she rescues him. He discloses that she is a "Narf" called Story, a character of bedtime stories, that is chased by a "Scrunt" and she needs to return to her Blue World with an eagle. Cleveland convinces the tenants to help and protect Story.
Little Manhattan (2005) (Multi 1) Comedy / Family / Romance
Starring Josh Hutcherson, Charlie Ray, Bradley Whitford and Cynthia Nixon. Director Mark Levin.
Ten-year-old Gabe was just a normal kid growing up in Manhattan, untill Rosemary Telesco walked into his life actually into his karate class. But, before Gabe can tell Rosemary how he feels, she tells him she will not being going to public school any more. Gabe has a lot more to learn about life,love and girls.
A Few Days In September (Quelques jours en septembre (2006) (Multi 1 & 6) Drama
Starring: Juliette Binoche, John Turturro, Nick Nolte, Sara Forestier, Tom Riley. Directed by Santiago Amigorena.
September the 1st, 2001. Elliot, an American C.I.A. agent holding top secret information on the immediate future of the world, disappears. His sole aim was to meet his daughter Orlando, whom he abandoned ten years before. Irène (Binoche), a French agent who used to work with him, and David, his adoptive son, will help him and lead the girl to her father. Chased by William Pound (Turturro), a strangely poetic psycho, they will defy the dangers of international espionage from Paris to Venice and finally get to Elliot on September the 11th 2001.
Entente cordiale, L' (2006) (Multi 5) Comedy
Starring Christian Clavier, Daniel Auteuil, François Levantal, Jennifer Saunders, Ivan Franek, and Tim Pigott-Smith. Director Vincent De Brus.
Based on the threadbare wheeze of a comical characters duet, this movie features an awful upper-class secret agent teaming up accidentally with an easily-corrupted, sly interpreter in that "action comedy" movie. The two sidekicks go through a ridiculous plot leading them from Paris to London, trying desperately to amuse the viewer.
Aristos, Les (2006) (Multi 3 & 4) Comedy NEW
Starring Charlotte De Turckheim, Jacques Weber, Vincent Desagnat, Catherine Jacob and Armelle. Directed by Charlotte De Turckheim.
Imagine owing the Internal Revenue Service two million euros. As a commoner: You can flee abroad, change your name or kill yourself. As a French aristocrat: A dignified representative of your caste, you laugh at such bothersome material pettiness and make mock of an authority that lays no claim to divine right. Meet the d'Arbacs--a tres chic family that will do all they can (short of working, naturally) to save their chateau, symbol of a fragile yet enduring way of life.
Nos jours heureux (2006) (Multi 5) Comedy
Starring Jean-Paul Rouve, Marilou Berry, Omar Sy, Lannick Gautry and Julie Fournier. Directors Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano.
Vincent, age 35, recalls his yearly summer jobs as counselor at a children's summer camp in Southwest France. At age 25 he had reached the top, and that summer he became director in charge. But it takes a lot of nerve to manage the cries, laughs and daily mischief of 80 kids and 10 camp counselors, and at 25, though you're just over adolescence, you're not yet quite an adult.
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