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Satellite Tv Guide Discussion, Info Film Four & Film Four +1 06-04-08. at General Satellite News forum; Film Four & Film Four +1 06-04-08. Astra 2D at 28.2E 10729 V SYM:22000 FEC 5/6 Film Four SID8335 VPID2312 ...

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Info Film Four & Film Four +1 06-04-08.
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Info Film Four & Film Four +1 06-04-08. - 06-April-2008, 22:30

Film Four & Film Four +1 06-04-08.

Astra 2D at 28.2E 10729 V SYM:22000 FEC 5/6

Film Four SID8335 VPID2312 APID2313 Eng

Film Four +1 SID8330 VPID2332 APID2333 Eng

######################### ########

Crocodile Dundee II
(1988) Paul Hogan returns as Mick 'Crocodile' Dundee in John Cornell's sequel to the hit comedy original.Further adventures of Paul Hogan's Mick 'Crocodile' Dundee, this time pursued from New York back to the Australian Outback by vengeful drug dealers
Crocodile Dundee II One of the common mistakes when making a sequel to a smash-hit film is the assumption that because people came out in droves the first time, they're all gagging to go back again. This sorry sequel to a one-joke one-off is a classic example of such optimistic (ie greedy) thinking.

Destination Gobi
(1953) Richard Widmark is a US Navy Chief Petty Officer seconded to 'nanny' a group of Navy meteorologists observing weather in the desert.Richard Widmark leads a gaggle of stranded meteorologists through the treacherous Mongolian landscape in this unusual WWII adventure from director Robert Wise
Destination Gobi Few actors have done pissed off and sweaty as well as Richard Widmark. In Destination Gobi he gets to do both in spades.

Prince Valiant
(1954) Robert Wagner plays the eponymous prince, a Viking invited to join King Arthur's court.A young Viking prince heads to Camelot to earn a place at King Arthur's Round Table. Dark Ages epic starring James Mason, Janet Leigh and Robert Wagner, and directed by Henry Hathaway
Prince Valiant Adapted from the comic-strip that launched a thousand terrible haircuts, Prince Valiant belongs to the not terribly noble sub-genre of the historical swashbuckler. The key feature of these films is never to let the facts get in the way of a good yarn. Not that much is known for certain about that bleak time in Britain's past known as the Dark Ages. Still, with the Vikings not coming to prominence until the 8th Century it's unlikely that one of their number would have sworn allegiance to King Arthur, whose mist-shrouded era came to an end roughly 150 years earlier.

Project X
(1987) Matthew Broderick stars as Jimmy Garrett, a trainee air force pilot assigned to teach chimps to use flight simulators.A young army intern becomes attached to the chimps being used in a top secret military project. Kids adventure movie starring Matthew Broderick and Helen Hunt
Project X He's now famous for being married to Sarah-Jessica Parker and for taking Broadway by storm in 'The Producers'. But there was a time when Matthew Broderick was best known for playing ****y teenagers - this in spite of the fact that he didn't even make his movie debut until he'd turned 21. Already something a stage veteran (he first worked on the New York stage aged 17) by the time he came to Hollywood, it was Broderick's good fortune that his boyishness allowed him to play well beneath his years. So while he was 22 when he threatened global security in War Games and 24 when he starred in John Hughes's Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Broderick had notched up his quarter century when he was cast in Project X

Road to Perdition
(2002) Tom Hanks stars as the wronged enforcer of an ageing mob boss, played with great skill by septuagenarian screen legend Paul Newman.Sam Mendes follows American Beauty with this handsome adaptation of a renowned graphic novel. Tom Hanks stars as the wronged enforcer of mob boss Paul Newman
Tom Hanks as a stern father and grim mob enforcer? It's a long long way from Joe Versus The Volcano, heck, this guy even makes Hanks' Captain John Miller from Saving Private Ryan seem like a cheery chap. It's a challenging bit of casting, but Hanks, the skilled Hollywood Everyman actor, rises to the occasion, infusing his Michael Sullivan Sr with both a hard edge (only undermined by the actors' jowliness) and a quiet humanity.

Love and Sex
(2000) Spot-on romantic comedy starring Famke Janssen as a journalist threatened with the sack unless she mends her jaded, cynical ways.Spot-on romantic comedy starring Famke Janssen as a journalist reminiscing High Fidelity-style when threatened with the sack. With great chemistry, Swingers boy Jon Favreau plays the on/off love of her life
Love & Sex This is how romantic comedy should be. The stars aren't distractingly massive, the script is sharp and savvy and it'll make you chuckle as you relate to the characters' predicaments, which are based in the accessibly everyday.

(1999) Set in the near future, this political thriller centres around nuclear brinksmanship between Iraq and America.
Cut off in a remote Colorado diner, the American president tries to avert a nuclear crisis in the Middle East. Thriller starring Kevin Pollack, and written and directed by Rod Lurie
Rod Lurie was a film critic before he became a writer-director. The former 'LA Times' and 'Empire' contributor (who famously described Danny DeVito as looking like "a testicle with arms") isn't the only critic to take this route. He has enjoyed more success than, say, Simon Braithwaite, another 'Empire' scribe who coughed up the unsatisfying Staggered or Bob McCabe, whose many great works, including a fine biography of Terry Gilliam, couldn't disguise the shortcomings of his celebrity chef debacle, Out On A Limb.

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