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Satellite Tv Guide Discussion, New Film Four & Film Four +1 02-05-08. at General Satellite News forum; Astra 2D at 28.2E 10729 V SYM:22000 FEC 5/6 Film Four SID8335 VPID2312 APID2313 Eng Film Four +1 SID8330 VPID2332 ...

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New Film Four & Film Four +1 02-05-08.
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New Film Four & Film Four +1 02-05-08. - 02-May-2008, 13:00

Astra 2D at 28.2E 10729 V SYM:22000 FEC 5/6

Film Four SID8335 VPID2312 APID2313 Eng

Film Four +1 SID8330 VPID2332 APID2333 Eng

######################### ######

The Good Die Young
(1954) Powerful British film noir starring Laurence Harvey as an amoral, psychotic playboy who incites three men to commit a mail van robbery.An unhinged playboy recruits three unfortunates to hold up a mail van. Noir thriller starring Laurence Harvey, Richard Baseheart and Joan Collins, and written and directed by Lewis Gilbert
If you ever wondered how Joan Collins became a star, wonder no longer. When The Good Die Young came out, Collins was just a fresh-faced RADA graduate with a handful of screen credits to her name. Twelve months later, she was off to Italy to star in Valley Of The Pharaohs, an Egyptian epic directed by Hollywood legend Howard Hawks.

The One That Got Away
(1957) The exploits of German flier Franz Von Werra who was the only prisoner-of-war captured in World War II Britain to escape and get back to Germany.British-made POW escape caper with a difference. Hardy Kruger stars as a real-life German flying ace making his break for freedom from a succession of Allied camps
It's a credit to the might of the propaganda machine operating throughout and beyond the Second World War that many of us are still only vaguely aware that the Allies had their own POW camps. Perhaps the authorities missed a trick, because while our boys were burrowing to freedom like rabbits from the Nazi jails, Jerry was having no such luck. In fact only one German prisoner ever escaped from an Allied camp to return to the Fatherland. His name was Oberleutnant Franz Von Werra, and The One That Got Away is his story.

The Fly
(1958) Daft but wonderful 1950s sci-fi fable about a scientist whose tinkering with the laws of nature lead to a terrible result - he gains a fly's head.Daft but wonderful 1950s sci-fi fable about a scientist whose tinkering with the laws of nature lead to a terrible result - he gains a fly's head
The Fly Despite one of the silliest concepts in horror cinema - Price admitted being unable to keep a straight face during filming - there is something irresistable about this tale of a man who swaps heads with a housefly.

(2003) A group of archaeologists are sent back in time on a rescue mission to war-torn 14th century France.A group of archaeologists are sent on a rescue mission to war-torn 14th century France in this adventure devised by Michael Crichton
It's a schoolboy premise - what would you do if you found yourself stuck in another era? It's also the premise Michael Crichton used in his bestseller, which began its inevitable transformation to the big screen before it was even published in 2000. Crichton is no stranger to adolescent high concepts, of course. What would it be like if dinosaurs were alive today is another one of his.

I, Robot
(2004) Will Smith plays the only man in 2035 who suspects that robots might be capable of murder in this slick sci-fi blockbuster.
Futuristic thriller starring Will Smith as a troubled cop whose issues with the ever-increasing robot population are seemingly vindicated when one of them becomes a murder suspect. Slick sci-fi from Alex Proyas, director of Dark City
I, Robot I, Robot is essentially Blade Runner by way of Minority Report with a dash of Attack Of The Clones (but not too much thankfully). However, it transcends the restraints of the formula by virtue of being a good quality blockbuster, which is well-made and relatively smart.

Resident Evil
(2002) Milla Jovovich leads a team of commandos to infiltrate an underground base full of hungry zombies.
Glossy horror based on the best-selling videogames. A group of commandos have to infiltrate an underground base - unfortunately it's defended by a ruthless artificial intelligence and is full of hungry zombies
Resident Evil Five years after it was first mooted, the movie adaptation of Capcom's bestselling videogame arrives, helmed by Paul Anderson, the Briton responsible for hit videogame movie Mortal Kombat and costly flop Soldier.

The Crazies
(1973) A military plane crashes near a small town, infecting the water supply with a deadly virus that causes insanity then death...An experimental biological weapon is accidentally released into the water supply of a small American town in this prescient thriller from director George A Romero
The Crazies Widely regarded as the most successful of the films Romero directed between 1968's Night Of The Living Dead and 1978's Dawn Of The Dead, The Crazies is a variation on the zombie theme that made the filmmaker into such

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