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Satellite Tv Guide Discussion, New Film Four & Film Four +1 23-05-08. at General Satellite News forum; Film Four & Film Four +1 23-05-08. Astra 2D at 28.2E 10729 V SYM:22000 FEC 5/6 Film Four SID8335 VPID2312 ...

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New Film Four & Film Four +1 23-05-08.
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New Film Four & Film Four +1 23-05-08. - 23-May-2008, 13:40

Film Four & Film Four +1 23-05-08.

Astra 2D at 28.2E 10729 V SYM:22000 FEC 5/6

Film Four SID8335 VPID2312 APID2313 Eng

Film Four +1 SID8330 VPID2332 APID2333 Eng

######################### ######

A Bell For Adano
(1945) Drama starring John Hodiak as a tough US Army major who faces problems when he is put in charge of a small town in Sicily at the end of World War II.American Second World War drama starring John Hodiak as a major given the task of restoring order in a small Italian town, and getting involved with local girl Gene Tierney
After playing a lieutenant and a sergeant in his previous two films, John Hodiak achieved the rank of major for this late Second World War drama adapted from the 1945 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name by veteran war correspondent John Hersey.

(1953) Rita Hayworth stars as the clothes-shedding dancer in this epic tale, directed by William Dieterle.The ancient world's greatest hoofer won't do a turn until she's presented with the head of John The Baptist. Hollywood bashes The Bible in this fruity epic starring Rita Hayworth and Stewart Granger
In 1988, Ken Russell made Salome's Last Dance starring Glenda Jackson and Wolf from 'Gladiators'. A poor film even by Sir Ken's reduced standards, this adaptation of the Oscar Wilde play was only notable for its overall shoddiness (it feels like a school production - but then perhaps that was the point) and for the fact that, for the first time in modern human history, someone had made a version of the story of Salome without putting the status quo at risk. The world's oldest enfant terrible must have been beside himself with disappointment.

Girls! Girls! Girls!
(1962) Elvis Presley stars in Norman Taurog's musical as Ross Carpenter, a tuna boat fisherman in Hawaii who has two girls after him.Sadly, not a starring role for Father Jack, but Elvis in one of his limper offerings. A lightweight story (even by his standards) has the gyrating one as a poor fisherman in Hawaii who does a bit of nightclub singing to pay the rent and buy back his daddy's fishing boat. Chasing him about a bit are two girls (Stevens and Goodwin), although only one of them catches her man in the end. The usual compensation for having to endure these silly goings-on is the songs but, even in this department, the film is badly wanting. I mean, does 'Song of the Shrimp' get you going? No, thought not.

Carry On Abroad
(1972) Sid James and the usual suspects head for the Spanish resort of Elsbels, to be met by rep Kenneth Williams in one of the best Carry On films.As the tagline said, it's about "The holiday of a laugh-time". Sid James and a group of British holiday-makers head for the Spanish resort of Elsbels, to be met by rep Kenneth Williams
Carry On Abroad From the moment the key characters are introduced, you know what you're in for. Sid James and Joan Sims play Vic and Cora Flange. Actually, hang on. From the moment you see the words "Carry On..." you know what you're in for. Innuendo, punning, slapstick, campness, unsubtle satire and a whole overflowing suitcase of music-hall hangovers.

White Noise
(2005) Michael Keaton is approached by a man who tells him that his dead wife is attempting to contact him through the static of radio and TV.Supernatural thriller starring Michael Keaton as a man whose dead wife contacts him via electronic static
White Noise It doesn't bode well that White Noise director Geoffrey Sax was the man behind the disastrous 1996 US 'Dr Who' TV movie. Sure enough this feature debut from the veteran TV director is little more than a serviceable supernatural thriller.

The Entity
(1981) Sidney J Furie's thriller stars Barbara Hershey as a divorced mother who becomes the victim of a poltergeist which she claims assaulted and her.Barbara Hershey stars in this controversial horror movie about a woman sexually tormented by an unseen poltergeist or demon. Sidney J Furie directs
The success of 1973's The Exorcist began a cycle of movies in which supernatural stories played out in modern domestic settings. Some of these were pure fiction, like Poltergeist. Others, such as The Amityville Horror, took the Exorcist route and had their basis in actual incidents (or allegedly did).

Waking Life
(2001) Slacker director Richard Linklater's intellectually intriguing and oddly entertaining film features revolutionary animation-over-live footage.Slacker director Richard Linklater's intellectually intriguing and oddly entertaining film features revolutionary animation-over-live footage
Back at the start of the 1990s, young Texan director Richard Linklater made his reputation with Slacker, a film that lent its name to a generation and inspired dozens of other ultra-low budget movies - Clerks, for one. While the films he has made in between have been more conventionally structured, Waking Life is a return to the freewheeling format of that debut. But that's just the start, because Linklater - using brand new software - was able to have animators paint over his live action film, creating an unsettling effect that is unlike anything you've seen before (and yes, that statement includes A-Ha's 'Take On Me' video).

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