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Satellite Tv Guide Discussion, Update Film Four & Film Four +1 17-07-08. at General Satellite News forum; Film Four & Film Four +1 17-07-08. Astra 2D at 28.2E 10729 V SYM:22000 FEC 5/6 Film Four SID8335 VPID2312 ...

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Update Film Four & Film Four +1 17-07-08.
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Update Film Four & Film Four +1 17-07-08. - 17-July-2008, 12:50

Film Four & Film Four +1 17-07-08.

Astra 2D at 28.2E 10729 V SYM:22000 FEC 5/6

Film Four SID8335 VPID2312 APID2313 Eng

Film Four +1 SID8330 VPID2332 APID2333 Eng

######################### #######

Chance of a Lifetime
(1950) Comedy drama about a group of workers who agree to swap places with their stressed factory owner, and take over and run the plant.Miles's blue-collar satire shows what happens when the workers at a plough factory, protesting at their low wages and appalling conditions, are given the opportunity to run the place themselves. Which all sounds like a dream come true (as typified by the title), until they begin to realize the pitfalls of management. It's a brave film, whose blend of comedy and drama doesn't always work, yet somehow its earnestness and effort to make a serious point about business hierarchy give it an edge that many homegrown efforts lack.

Good Morning, Miss Dove
(1955) Warm, sentimental and engrossing drama about the life of a dedicated New England small-town schoolteacher, played by Jennifer Jones.Warm, sentimental and engrossing drama about a dedicated New England small-town schoolteacher, played by Jennifer Jones, as she recalls incidents in her life while she is lying in a New England hospital after collapsing.

Storm Over the Nile
(1955) AEW Mason's tale of honour, redemption and derring-do set during the British Army's 1898 campaign in Sudan, adapted from The Four Feathers.A man is accused of cowardice after refusing to leave his fianc and fight in WWI. Drama starring Anthony Steel, Mary Ure and Laurence Harvey, and directed by Zoltan Korda and Terence Young
Hollywood loves a remake. While this has become an all-too common occurrence for modern moviegoers, it is rare that a film is remade a mere 16 years after the original - let alone co-directed by the same filmmaker. Such is the case with 1955's Storm Over The Nile, a remake of 1939's classic The Four Feathers (based on the AEW Mason novel of the same name). This version is co-directed by Terence Young (Dr No, From Russia With Love, Thunderball) and the flamboyantly named Zoltan Korda (Jungle Book) who was responsible for the 1939 film.
Storm Over The Nile, Korda's final film before his death in 1961, features numerous battle sequences lifted directly from The Four Feathers. This adventure-packed film, however, establishes its own identity and emerges as a worthy film in its own right and a fitting tribute to Korda.
The film focuses on British military officer Harry Faversham (Steel), a man who chooses to stay in London with his fiance Mary (Ure) rather than trek off to the Sudan to fight in WWI. This decision irks his fellow officers John Durrance (Harvey), Peter Burroughs (Lewis) and Willoughby (Carmichael), the trio deciding to each issue Faversham with a white feather - a traditional symbol for cowardice.

One Fine Day
(1996) Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney are the two single parents juggling life and love in this likeable, thoroughly modern romantic comedy.Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney elevate this formulaic, but likeable romantic comedy on the pressures of modern day 30-something existence
One Fine Day A cute, old-fashioned romantic comedy with modern accessories. Pfeiffer and Clooney are two harassed single parents who are forced to care for each other's kids so that they can get their day's work done. The inclusion of mobile phones, filofaxes and PCs may be slightly forced and intrusive, but there's a message here about how they can make modern life even more intolerable for already stressed-out 30-somethings.
Otherwise, it's a pleasantly sweet confection with all the trimmings, whipped up to cheer anyone who has ever found themselves caught between a demanding child and a career.

The Fifth Element
(1997) Luc Besson's stunning, audacious science fiction thriller stars Bruce Willis as an ex-government agent, now reduced to driving a taxi.Luc Besson's big budget sci-fi extravaganza set in the 24th century. Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Gary Oldman, Ian Holm and Chris Tucker star
Fifth Element Famously The Fifth Element is based on a novel that director Luc Besson wrote when he was 16. It shows. This is an incredibly juvenile film. There's a masturbatory fantasy involving a supermodel landing in the lap of a tough guy hero, nerdy space creatures, invented languages and a complete disregard for logic and reality. Fortunately, the parallels end there. Unlike most teenage outpourings, this gloriously camp film never takes itself too seriously - and it's very entertaining. The story is ridiculous. It opens looking like Raiders Of The Lost Ark where an archaeologist is uncovering an incredible secret. Just as he's worked out that there's going to be a terrible dark force attacking the Earth in 300 years, huge aliens arrive, he faints and the film fast forwards to the 24th century. There, an incompetent president is desperately trying to cope with the now impending crisis: a huge malevolent planet is attacking the world. "All we know is it just keeps getting bigger," is the scientific opinion.
Kindly aliens try to return the five elements that will save everyone. Unfortunately, a greedy evil Texan is doing his best to mess things up. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (Oldman, shouting, cackling and preening with great panache) has sent some alien mercenaries to pick up the elements so he can sell them. The ship carrying the fifth element is blown up. Luckily Earth scientists are able to recreate it from a single cell. It turns out to be a supreme being Leeloo (Milla Jovovich). However, Leeloo doesn't want to hang around with the boffins and so runs out of the lab, jumps off a skyscraper and crashes into the passing taxi of the military-trained Korben Dallas (Willis). The scene is set for a race against time to retrieve the other four elements and for Dallas to fulfil the mission given to him by his old army boss: "save the world"

Hustle and Flow
Terrence Howard stars in Craig Brewer's drama as Djay, a small-time pimp trying to make a living in Memphis who aspires to be a rapper.A streetwise Memphis hustler tries to break into the music biz in this rags-to-bitches tale, produced by John Singleton of Boyz N The Hood fame
Hustle & Flow "You know, it's hard out there for a pimp, when you're trying to make the money for the rent. When your cash and your credit money's spent, and a whole lot of bitches jumping ship." No, these aren't lines from Westlife's new single. Rather this is the catchy tune on which Memphis hustler DJay pins his hopes of stardom in Craig Brewer's entertaining 8 Mile-style yarn. Centring on a breakout performance from Terrence Howard, Hustle & Flow pitches itself as an authentic, hard-hitting tale of struggle and redemption. In truth, it's a feel-good fantasy, given a pleasing jolt of energy by some searing raps and a self-knowing turn from Ludacris as an arrogant hip-hop hotshot.

(2004) William Keane is a lost soul, haunting a New York bus station asking passers-by if they have seen his missing daughter.A young man with mental problems forms a close attachment with a seven-year-old child in this intense and unsettling indie. Stars Damian Lewis
Keane To most visitors to New York, Manhattan's Port Authority Bus Terminal is a hectic blur of people, noise and activity. In Lodge Kerrigan's Keane, however, it resembles nothing so much as the seventh circle of hell - at least when viewed through the eyes of his disturbed and possibly deranged protagonist William Keane (Lewis), an anxious father returning to the place where his six-year-old daughter disappeared some months previously. Assailing staff, commuters and random passers-by with a picture of the missing girl, Keane is a portrait of panicked desperation. It is an image that persists as we watch him cause a scene at a nearby bar and have anonymous sex in a nightclub toilet before making his way back to the shabby motel he calls home.
Clearly this is an individual who has only a passing acquaintance with sanity, driven to distraction by grief, guilt and bitterness. This, though, does not prevent him from striking up a friendship with Lynn (Ryan), the financially strapped single mother who lives down the hall with her seven-year-old daughter Kira (Breslin).


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