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robina 01-May-2007 23:54

setting up cardsharing on tm9100
are there any one could tell me how to set up card sharing on tm9100. thanks

luna 02-May-2007 14:04

What image you are use,IF you use 006 juliet you need manualy to install files:
g*box in var/bin
g*box.emu in var/juliet
cwshare, g*ox.cfg and other keys file in var/keys
egboxcenter files in var/tuxbox/plugin

IF you use 006UR you can update from net wit right url file or insert with FTP:
g*box and startCAM in var/bin
smartcam.config in var/etc
cwshare, g*ox.cfg and other keys file in var/keys
egboxcenter files in var/tuxbox/plugin


robina 03-May-2007 23:41

thank you for your instruction. can you tell me what is net wit right and where can i get start cam and smart cam?

luna 04-May-2007 00:12

I can send you in email.But smart cam file is use fot 006UR and with that image you can download from network g*ox and all config files.
Send me your email in PM and I will send you files.


robina 05-May-2007 17:44

hi luna
thank your for your email that contains some of useful files. i got the menu (gbox centre) on the receiver, none of files missing but state of it still csonline.text not found, check sufficent disk space any idea?

luna 05-May-2007 19:19

Did you give atributes 755 in gbox and smartcam files.Or maybe you have problems with network.


timdodgson 11-May-2007 01:26

I wanted this to

wozbwfc 26-May-2007 16:42

hi all

i have put 006 UR on stb and downloaded emus CCam,Gbox,mgcam im very interested in this shareing but dont no how to do it is there a giud anywhere that explains how to and what files to get.


retainedstatue 29-May-2007 12:00

Hi all, just bought a 9100 and trying to get to grips with sharing also. @Luna, may I pm you my e-mail for those files you mentioned?

wozbwfc 29-May-2007 13:56

hi luna

do these files have to be changed to 755 or just ftp them over.


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