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djdarraghj 01-August-2007 13:47

Still Struggling with Technomate 1500 and sssp
Hi All,

I am driven mad trying to figue this out. I have a technomate 1500 receiver and I have the wsp program. This is all the hardware and software i have. I have seen so many different posts and terms that my head is in a spin. Can anyone please pm me to help if you cannot reply on the board.

1. I cannot figure out this newcamd protocol. With the wsp program Windows Sharing Pack ver 0.9.6 you can select newcamd or camd (cs357) or camd (cs358). All of the free newcamd server sites seem to mention newcamd 5.25. My question is can i use newcamd 5.25 with wsp and if so how do i select it. Is it the same as just newcamd?

2. I have never yet connected properly to any of the free servers and I am using a commonly known hacking site to get the information from. It has daily updates on the currently working servers. What am i doing wrong? All the answers i get are "cannot get login answer" or "cannot connect to host"

3. I haver seen the term gbox mentioned. Do i need to install this software to get up and running?

4. Why do the servers provide so many different user names ie user 1 - 20 and pass 1 - 20. Can only one user log in under a partuclar user name and password at a time?

5. If you have found free servers that are stable and work with wsp and technomate 1500 can you pm me please.

5. I am sure these are questions a lot of people have so I would be delighted if anyone could help me. I want to join a large group and get access to all encrypted channels if possible. I have a card to offer in return.

Many thanks,


glimmer 01-August-2007 16:51

help for me
i am learning too must be reading more i am

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