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Fear-na-Boinne 03-August-2009 21:38

Blank screen on new thread (another one)
I know there are others open on this, but this is a test whether I can post here as well...

When I try to post a new thread in CCcam Local forum, I only get a white page (view source gives no data returned, but the page *is* completely loaded according to the browser!)

I tried with both firefox and safari on a Mac (OS X 10.5)

(03-August-2009 20:45)
Just tried again, the CCcam local forum still has this issue!

Fear-na-Boinne 07-August-2009 11:39

Tried again just now... Still white screens me! :frown:

max muster 07-August-2009 15:25


Originally Posted by Fear-na-Boinne (Post 303489)
Tried again just now... Still white screens me! :frown:

Same problem here, didn't work :(
Tried on Mac and on Windows, there is no way to post on CCcam Local Exchange.

I hope anybody can fix it.

morte 07-August-2009 16:59

max muster 07-August-2009 19:47


Originally Posted by Morte (Post 303625)

Thanks Morte, i hope you can fix the problems, and i hope it don't take to mutch time :) because i wan't to create a new thread :)

Best regards

Fear-na-Boinne 08-August-2009 11:30

I trust we'll get an update when the "downtime" has occurred? (Cause I sure still cannot post in CCcam Local! :biggrin:)

morte 08-August-2009 13:55

You will notice when we are "down" :)

p.s. you can use irc (live chat) to find peers, but handle a response in private and even better pm on the board (so u know the user aint banned :) )

Fear-na-Boinne 09-August-2009 12:06

w000t! it works again!

Thank you admins and mods for fixing this big nuisance! :notworthy:

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