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seeker79 05-February-2011 17:34

VDR 1.7.16 - Channel not available

I'm using VDR 1.7.16 with cvs sc plugin and cccam 2.1.4 and I've managed to open enough scrambled channels. But, for some channels I'm receiving message "Channel not available" although I'm attached to the server with proper card. I've red here in the forums that I can set CAIDs to 0 for that specific channel in channels.conf and then to try again because VDR will discover proper caids. Unfortunately this does not solve the problem.

Any idea how to solve this? Or is there any known limitation of software which I use that I'm not familiar with.


cooler 09-February-2011 15:31

What operating system are you using? It maybe that sc didn't compile properly. I had same problem but with all channels until sc-plugin was complied properly.

seeker79 13-February-2011 11:09


Thank you for the hint. I've done some investigation and found out that I have the issue with channels scrambled with videoguard only (as far as I'm aware) and that I was indeed lacking Somehow cvs version hasn't provided this library.

In order to overcome the issue I've downgraded sc plugin to version Unfortunately the same story continues. When I set the channel ro caid 0 and try to switch to it vdr shows information what is currently on and what is next but shortly afterwards write that the channel is unavailable.

I'm using Gentoo linux so all the compilation have been done by using ebuilds available on the Internet.


seeker79 16-February-2011 23:34

In the mean time I've realized that problematic channels are also coded with the nds system.

It is interesting that I'm able to watch some other channels while cccam uses system different than nds but when cccam switch to it I'm facing black picture.

It seems that my problem is strange because nds library also exists on my system. So, if anyone can open nds channel with ccam+vdr-sc+vdr please confirm.


shelf 16-March-2011 11:38

I have a similar problem regarding NDS channels.

The difference for me is everything works ok when I have only channels from one satellite in my channels.conf.

In my case this is S28.2E. All channels will clear no problem.

When I add channels from more satellites (S19.2E, S16E and S13E) NDS channels will stop clearing on all satellites but others work ok.

Diseqc is fine. Unscrambled channels all clear on all satellites and some scrambled as mentioned before.

Most annoying because most of the stuff I want to watch is on SKY UK/DE/IT which is all NDS/Videoguard.

I'm completely lost

cold007 16-March-2011 11:46


Originally Posted by shelf (Post 596789)

you forgot to

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unfortunatly...rule 5# broken,,with this quoted post..

its about time u visit the introduction section...


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when this prewarning goes ignored..warning will follow.

dont be suprised when you are requested to prove your local..


wonderblood 13-July-2011 08:46

I've had that problem too. I solved this by compiling sc by myself (Ubuntu 11.04) or with a PPA by alex.

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