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Setting Dream Discussion, dreambox 800 at DreamBox forum; Hi everybody Does anyone know how setup 800 for motoring as ive tryed but can't get it work. Thanks a ...

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dreambox 800
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dreambox 800 - 28-March-2010, 20:04

Hi everybody
Does anyone know how setup 800 for motoring as ive tryed
but can't get it work.

Thanks a lot
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29-March-2010, 02:43

Originally Posted by satline23 View Post
Hi everybody
Does anyone know how setup 800 for motoring as ive tryed
but can't get it work.

Thanks a lot

I used this from another forum and it works

thanks to 2tone for writing

Had alot of probs with this my self and to tell you the truth your better of knowing how to sort it its not hard just took me a couple of hours to work it out talk about a head melt

what you need to do is set each sat up its self go to main menu , set up , service searching then go to tunner configuration you should only have one option tuner A hit ok on this now this is were alot of people are messing up from what i can see on alot of places on mine its set like this and you have to do this for every sat you set up

configuration mode advanced
satellite astra/eurobitd (28.2e)
voltage mode polarization
tone mode band
lnb ok push this once to the right then you get a bigger menu
ok you now have ( usals for this sat ) were lnb was and it has moved under it
use usals for this sat no
stored position ok make this to what ever you are going to set it as in your
motor settings that for 28 mine is set to 028
lnb is now under this mine is set to 1
diseqc mode 1.2
after that i never changed any thing just left them as they were what i did find was i had to do one sat go find it then reboot then back in to the tunner settings to set up for the next sat as was done above so after you set your sat in the tunner settings press ok takes you back to choose tuner press exit then pick positioner setup now as we have set it to find a sat we can now move the dish from left to right so as long as your motor is set up right this next bit should not take to long select tune ok not working did my head in this press the red button says tune on it why they did not let you use the ok button on this i dont know but any how takes you to a new menu

tune manual transponder
satellite astra/eurobird (28.2e) push left or right till you see your sat
frequency 10773
inversion auto
symbol rate 22000
polarity horizontal
fec auto
now press ok takes you back to the positoner setup menu

now go to positioner storage as you set it to 028 in the tunner set up page set this to 28 or what ever you set it at then go to positioner movement click the blue button to move it east wait till you get a lock push the blue button again to stop it then move down to positioner fine movement for this you will have to push green or yellow for what ever way you need to go what i will say is you will only get about 25 or so % on your sat but dont worry one of my sats is as 15 or so and its ok think its a bug to do with the tunner but will be fixed from what i have seen when you have the lock puch down on to positioner storage make sure it says 28 if going by what i set it at click green button to store it now click exit click no if some thing comes up about zap back go to manual scan

tuner tunera: alps bsbe2 (dvb-s2)
type of scan single transponder
system dvb-s
satellite astra/eurobird (28.2e)
frequency 10773
inversion auto
symbol rate 22000
polarity horizontal
fec auto
network scan yes

then click ok it will do a full scan when done click exit then do a reboot when out of the menus when back on go to 28 and pick a chan should work only prob i think you might have with 28 is 19e as they can pick up on the same transponder so when its doing its scan it should come up on the page bskyb witch im sure you know if not stop the scan then go back and move the dish more east should fix the prob , so if all is ok you will now have to do all thins from the start for every sat till they are set up i only have 1w , 5w , 13e , 16e , 19e , 28.2e on mine so only had to do it 6 times but its good to do as it lets you see how the menu works .

One more thing i found was i had to get different transponders from what i would have used on my 500 these are the ones i used for the 800 on some sats i had to scan 2 or 3 times so here is the list i used

1 west = 11216 v 24500 7/8
5 west = 11521 v 29950 7/8 11591 v 20000 2/3
13 east = 11862 h 27500 3/4 12034 v 27500 3/4 10930 h 27500 3/4
16 east = 11055 v 27900 3/4 11011 v 27500 3/4
19 east = 10832 h 22000 3/4 10773 h 22000 5/6
28 east = 10773 22000

If you are still stuck pm me your msn and ill add you and go over it
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