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shaggy91 19-September-2009 18:06

Hope you can help

For over a year I have been using a FloppyDTV S2 card with a DragonCAM to watch s*y on media center. With he advent of the white card the DragonCam has to go into retirement.

I gather he dreambox can read the white card so I have setup the system with DVBViewer and DVBLink. The db500s has been flashed with PLi Jade from their website. I have CCcam 2.1.2 running and NewCS ready in the wings. I am still working off a blue and yellow S*y card that is active until I can iron any problems out.
I have setup card sharing from the DB500s to my pc and it works - for 2 hours.
I then get glitches and freezing after 2 hours that happen every 5 to 10 minutes. I have tried direct network connection with a crossover cable, flycccam and hadu. The problem goes away for another 2 hrs if i reset the db500s so it is related to the db500s. I have tried the GP image and had the same results.

Has anyone here had a similar problem? Any ideas how to resolve it?

BTW watching a channel on the db500s does not have glitching. Its only on the PC that it happens. Seems related to network or cccam sending the keys to the pc.

Any help gratefully appreciated.


shaggy91 20-September-2009 19:50

Problem solved - tried cccam 2.1.1 and the breakup/stutter after 2hrs has gone. Looks like some overflow issue wih cccam 2.1.2



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