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Setting Dream Discussion, How to put a setting list with Dreamboxedit at DreamBox forum; How to put a setting list with Dreamboxedit for Enigma1 / 2 DreamBoxEdit is a free program, a Windows application ...

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How to put a setting list with Dreamboxedit
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Wink How to put a setting list with Dreamboxedit - 10-May-2009, 19:45

How to put a setting list with Dreamboxedit for Enigma1 / 2

DreamBoxEdit is a free program, a Windows application that allows you to create, delete and modify your Dreambox Satellite Receiver services and (user) bouquets.

First, we must know that we have a device, whether we have Dreambox500, 500 +, 600,5620,7020,7000,600 PVR, Dreambox or a copy, that is Enigma1, or have the device type Dreambox 7025.800 PVR, 8000PVR, or their copies, which are Enigma2, this is important for settings Dreamboxedit.

Here's how we put our last Setting list in our Dreambox.

First download the program Dreamboexdit which can be found on their website

or from some other site, in this case we will use the last official DreamBoxEdit 3:00:00

First we will start the program,then, as shown on picture,we go by the order that are marked in Figure with numbers.

-1.Click on the "options" as shown in the picture.

-2.Here we leave the "root" as the username to the home of DreamBox

-3.The IP address of the Dreambox, it means the settings of your Dreambox for LAN

-4.Here we will put our password of the Dreambox,

-5.Click here if you want to work with enigmom1, it means that you have a Dreambox based on Enigma1

-6.Click here if you want to work with enigmom2, it means that you have a Dreambox based on Enigma2

-7.This applies to must be open for the passage of the FTP protocol, so that the program could work through these specific ports, you can always quit after the protocol in your Dreambox to safety unwanted attacks from outside!

-8.Now we can squeeze the button "Save", these are the settings for the "defult", as you can in your profile to put more and different settings.

Now that we have set the settings can go to your new setting list, you first need to download the setting list, but required to download the list for setting the appropriate Dreambox, means if you have a Dreambox based on Enigma1, then download the required list for Enigmu1, also applies to Dremabox based on Enigma2 , only the settings for the Enigmu2.
Now that we know that setting the list we want to insert in the Dreambox via Dreamboxedit, we follow the images and numbers marked on the images that will be explained.
First we will clarify what can be on this image when click the button "FTP", which is most of us fill the new setting list.
We'll track the image, and the numbers marked with arrows.

-1.First, click the button "FTP"

-2.Here are the settings that we set before, and we record them under "default", as we have explained before.

-3.There are thoughts that we take our setting list, which we downloaded from a forum and unzip and put it to switch to Dreambox.

-4.When you click this button, action starts sending our set-lists in the DM

-5.You can receive our existing set-list from Dreambox, and rearrange it, ..

-6.This key must shrink after insertion set-list (broj-4.), we will show in the following pictures, in order to reload-set-list

-7.Here applies if you have a Dreambox based on Enigma2, then turn on this option, and after sending a set-list do not have to squeeze the button "reload settings for DM, the number-6.)

Now we see the main function, now that is discussed can go to work!

Now just follow the pictures!!

First open Dreamboxedit,and go to the FTP and squeeze the button "browse",
that we will find a set-list we unzip / unrar, we have stored on your desktop from the PC,now double click on your folder,in this example is vhaniball settings, and squeeze the button "ok", as shown in the picture where it is marked.

Now we'll just follow the arrows marked with numbers.

-1.Click the button "send file to browser" / number-1 in the picture.

-2.As we see in the picture Transfer file is ready, but we have to do "reload-settings", it applies only to enigma1, since for engimu2, should not, if placed include the option "auto-reload"

-3.Squeeze button "reload-settings" to surgery was complete, it is valid for enigmu1 for enigmu2 not necessary, If you turn on the option "Auto Reloaded settings for Enigma2".

Now you have your new satellite setting-list, make reebot Dreambox, and your list should be here.
With Dreamboxedit can be many things, but these are basic instructions for work, you will learn and other things related to this editor.

This Tutorial was made with DreamboxEdit 3:00:00.

I made this Tutorial because it is one member today need help with putting the setting through Dreamboxedit, new members may be of assistance.

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