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bte72 12-July-2009 00:58

I'm a twit!
I'm brand new to this card sharing and bought a dreambox clone last week using a pay server (not sure if this is a topical no no on this site so apologies if it is).

The guy set it up with an image? for several satellites and channels etc...

So as all i had was a static dish point to 28.2 all i could get was sky... now i paid to use a server so got all the channels.

Anyhow i installed a motorised dish today and changed the satellite configuration from the menu and have lost all the channels which were there. I did a transponder scan and got a new list of channels but cannot view them.

Can anybody guide me to what i need to do to get my dreambox working as it was before?


Barney2222 12-July-2009 03:17

Firstly please read our rulez here :
you do NOT & should NOT have to pay these payserver c*nts , :rolleyes::mad: i strongly advise to Factory Reset your box and start over again fresh you'll find all the info & help you need here on this board to successfully get started ,
please have a read of some tutorials it really is not that difficult to get yourself up and running the correct way please check out this link :Tutorials
if you have no local card to share you can always request FREE shares here :*************-free/f199
Do'nt allow yourself to get conned by these payservers anymore reading is the key to unlocking everything :smiley_hangloose: :smiley_banana:
hope this helps ,

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