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Tools Discussion, Card Sharing CONTROL 1.0.3a at DreamBox forum; Card Sharing Control 0.5 Control center for CCcam and soon will contain for Gbox also!!! Please try and tell us ...

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Card Sharing CONTROL 1.0.3a
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Card Sharing CONTROL 1.0.3a - 05-July-2008, 14:44

Card Sharing Control 0.5

Control center for CCcam and soon will contain for Gbox also!!!

Please try and tell us your opinions!

*old link*

...shortest ban in the history of the board...

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15-July-2008, 19:23

Translation in English for installation will be of help. Its good simpler than php info
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carlos21 (19-May-2009)
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16-July-2008, 10:56

Like it. Fine tool...
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19-July-2008, 00:45

great tool.
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23-July-2008, 13:58

will take a look at it
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25-July-2008, 22:28

thanx it's nice
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26-July-2008, 16:04

very important soft but hi dont suport Gbox
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barrinho (17-August-2008)
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26-July-2008, 19:03

How do i install that one
This is a english forum
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28-July-2008, 13:08

thx , will test and give feedback
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Card Sharing CONTROL 1.0.3a
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Card Sharing CONTROL 1.0.3a - 09-August-2008, 15:58

New version is out!!

*old link*

...shortest ban in the history of the board...

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card, control, sharing

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