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Tutorials Discussion, Change your dreambox password now !!! at DreamBox forum; Seem's like many users never change their password, and are using the standard combination, which is the same for every ...

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Change your dreambox password now !!!
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Arrow Change your dreambox password now !!! - 22-August-2007, 22:42

Seem's like many users never change their password, and are using the standard combination, which is the same for every single Dreambox.

This way, we compromise our own AND sharing friends security, since ANYONE can acces and mess around with the Dreambox by knowing the DNS adress!


It can be done in 2 ways:

1. Using the "puttytel" proggy, which can be obtained here: CLICK HERE

2. Doing it manually with a telnet session:

-Choose "Start" and "Run" in Windows, then enter "telnet your.dyndns.adress"
-Logon with your username and password (username is always "root", password is "dreambox" from standard)
-Enter "passwd" in the session
-Enter your new password twice

Password has to be min. 5 and max. 8 letters long, and can consist of UPPERCASE/lowercase letters and numbers!



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26-October-2007, 20:24

hi. why you have to change the passsword? can you explain?
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friouato2006 (13-November-2008)
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26-October-2007, 20:26

so someone can't f???k about with your box i did b4 i loaded the new image,some people like to change channel around when u at home out the blue your box might go off or change channel is not the ghost
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07-November-2007, 19:53

max. 8 letters long
I disagree with this, my password is 11 symbols (numbers and letters) long, but anyway it`s very useful tutorial

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12-November-2007, 20:28

Originally Posted by perob View Post
I disagree with this, my password is 11 symbols (numbers and letters) long, but anyway it`s very useful tutorial

try the first 8 symbols,.. i am not sure but i think you will get access.

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14-November-2007, 12:05

I can't enter Setup Mode,It'll ask for password since I bought DM500s.How can I enter or reset password?
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16-December-2007, 08:20

mad, you can easily change password also with tux-commander, if there is any in your image, or you got a chance to download.

in case your pass is standard, and you like to change and fastest is:
DCC---telnet your box....passwd.....type 2x new pass, done!
sawadee khap!

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11-January-2008, 15:12

Hi, What if you don't know or have forgotton the original password? Is there a way to reset it without reprogramming the whole device?
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dalivul (12-January-2008)
not work
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not work - 17-January-2008, 21:12

Hi when i try this i get type in password (the new one) but keyboard dosnt respond , any ideas???
No probs now done
A litlle tip password does not display when inserting but after second ,says password changed
This might be helpfull

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12-March-2008, 13:39

it has lag delay and pass changed ok;) thanksssssssssssss
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LukeSoft (10-January-2009)
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