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Tutorials Discussion, Cwshare and gbox_cfg Lines at DreamBox forum; Hello to all, I have decided to gather the definition of each lines in cwshare and hereby I thank nice ...

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Cwshare and gbox_cfg Lines
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Arrow Cwshare and gbox_cfg Lines - 29-August-2007, 01:17

Hello to all,
I have decided to gather the definition of each lines in cwshare and hereby I thank nice for the help:


V line:
V: { F0 00 } # no slots
V: { F0 10 } # slot 1
V: { F0 20 } # slot 2
V: { F0 30 } # 2 slots
V: { F0 35 } # 2 slots + port com
V: { F0 31 } # Sc8in1
V: { 00 05 } # Dbox2 multicam
V: { 00 07 } # Dbox2 multicam slot 1+cardreader com
V: { 00 30 } # Gbox befoore 2.24
V: { F0 30 } # Gbox after 2.24


W line

W: { 0A 0B 0C } P001 P002 P003 ...

A= Slot number (1 to 8 )
B= How your card shall be used locally (on your own box)
-0= Dont use card
-1= Use card for all Pid's
-2= Use card only for following Pid's
-3= Don't use card for following Pid's
C= How the card shall be shared on the network
-0= Dont share card
-1= Share all Pid's on card
-2= Share only following Pid's on card
-3= Don't share following Pid's on card
P is the Pid's

Example 1: I want my card in slot 1 to be used for all Pid's locally, and to be shared on the network with all Pid's ( 1FFF means all Pid's):

W: { 01 01 01 } 1FFF

Example 2: I want my card in slot 1 to be used locally for all Pid's on card, and DONT want it to be shared on the network at all:

W: { 01 01 00} 1FFF

Example 3: I want my card in slot 1 to be used locally with the following Pids only, and to be shared on the network too with the following Pid's only:

W: { 01 02 02 } Pid1 Pid2 Pid3 ...

Well, the example 3 is the most interesting, and if we all used it in the right way, it would give a good and stable share environment. Why?

I will try to explain:

Lets say i have a package with 5 channels. I only have a subsription to 3 of these channels, so 2 channels dont open with my card.
Open channels: Pid1, Pid2, Pid3
Scrambled channels: Pid4, Pid5.

There is no need to use my card or share my card with Pid's 4 and 5 since they dont open with my card!

So i would do a W line like this in my cwshare.cfg:

W: { 01 02 02 } Pid1 Pid2 Pid3

The easiest way to see Pid numbers for the channels, is by zapping and then pressing "Quick info" In Gbox Suite and look for the value CaPID for each channel.

Example: CaPID: 0x0021

The Pid number in this case is 0021.

So it would be entered like this:

W: { 01 02 02 } 0021

PS: Max 32 Pid's/Sid's allowed (32 of each) allowed

PS: This explanation goes for the S line aswell. S line goes S: { .. .. .. } and instead of Pid's, Sid's are used!

Update :

Easiest way to see Pid's: In GboxSuite look in "Quickinfo".
Easiest way to see Sid's: Press "Menu", then "Information", then "Streaminfo". Look in the field "Service id" (this value is already in hex).

You get the best result using Sid's (S line), since some of the Pid's are shared!

G line

The G line is used to force the reception of a specific card even if you received all cards that you set up by the X parameter.
So, it is used to force the card that gbox can't get usually itself.
The syntaxe of the G line is :

G: { 01000081 ZZAA }

G: { prov_id box_id }
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