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howto flash a dream 800 and manuals
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howto flash a dream 800 and manuals - 10-July-2008, 13:51

Flashing a new firmware (image) by Browser


What you need to flash

You need the image file you want to flash. Image files have the extension *.nfi. You can't flash other
images like *.img files. Don't try it - it won't work.

You need either a DHCP server, a configured bootloader or a serial cable and a terminal program
like HyperTerm.

You need a browser, and a network cable. If you connect the Dreambox directly to the PC,
you need a cross cable, if you connect trough a switch/hub/router you need a normal
(non-cross) cable.

To flash a new image, you can use the second stage loader. It must be present and not broken.

The following steps assume you have a DHCP server. If you don't have one, you have to setup
an IP address in the bootloader's serial setup.

- Power down the Dreambox, either using "shutdown" and by removing the power connector.
Standby is not enough!

- (1.) Press and hold the power button. Replug the power connector into the Dreambox.
- (3.) A text "*** STOP ***" should appear. Now you can release the button.
The bootloader entered the "waiting" mode.
- (4.) Above the "*** STOP ***" text, there should appear an IP-address
(four decimal values with a dot in between). If there appears the string "dhcp" instead,
the box still searches for a DHCP server. Wait a bit. If it doesn't change, something doesn't
work with the DHCP server. Check wether network cable is plugged in etc. If it just doesn't
work, set an IP using the serial terminal)

- Now, open a browser on your PC.
(1.) enter in the address line "http://ip/" (where ip must be replaced with the value in the LCD).
- (2.) on the bottom of the page, there's a link called "firmware upgrade". Click it.

- On the next page, you can select the flash image you want to flash. be sure that it has the ".nfi" extension.
You can't flash other images (like .img)!
- Click on "FLASH!" and wait. It might take some time to upload and flash the image.
- Switch the box off again, and on again. The new image should be flashed and working.


Aktualisieren der Firmware ber einen Browser

Was brauchen Sie zum aktualisieren der Firmware:

Sie brauchen ein aktuelles Image. Solch ein Image fr die DM800 hat die Endung *.NFI.
Es ist nicht mglich einen anderen Imagetyp wie z.B *.IMG einzuspielen!
Versuchen Sie es bitte nicht, es funktioniert nicht.

Sie bentigen weiterhin einen DHCP-Server in Ihrem Netzwerk, einen intakten Bootloader oder:
ein serielles Nullmodemkabel und ein Terminal-Programm wie z.B Hyperterminal.

Sie brauchen einen Browser und ein Netzwerkkabel. Verbinden Sie Ihre Dreambox direkt mit einem PC brauchen Sie ein "Cross-Over" (gedrehtes) Netzwerkkabel, verbinden Sie Ihre Box ber einen Switch/Hub/Router bentigen Sie ein "Non-Cross" (nicht gedrehtes) Netzwerkkabel.

Um ein neues Image in die Dreambox einspielen zu knnen, muss der "2nd stage" Loader vorhanden und unbeschdigt sein.

Die nchsten Schritte beziehen sich auf ein Netzwerk mit einem laufenden DHCP Server.
Ist dies nicht der Fall, so mssen Sie manuell ber ein serielles Kabel eine IP Adresse einstellen.
Nheres erfahren Sie hier.

- Schalten Sie die Dreambox aus, benutzen Sie hierfr den Menpunkt "herunterfahren" aus dem Shutdown/Standby Men
und ziehen Sie dann den Stecker des Netzteils aus der Box.
Der Standby Modus reicht nicht aus!

- (1.) Drcken Sie die Power - Taste an der Frontblende und halten sie diese gedrckt.
Stecken Sie nun den Stecker des Netzteils wieder in die Box.
- (2.) Es sollte der Text "*** STOP ***" im Display erscheinen. Jetzt knnen Sie die Taste los lassen.
Der Bootloader befindet sich nun im "Wartemodus".
- (3.) Oberhalb des "*** STOP ***" Textes sollte im Display nun eine IP-Adresse angezeigt werden.
(vier dezimale Stellen, getrennt durch einen Punkt). Wird hier noch "DHCP" anstatt einer
IP-Adresse angezeigt, sucht die Box noch einen DHCP-Server. Warten Sie bitte kurz.
Sollte sich jedoch nach kurzer Zeit keine IP-Adresse angezeigt werden, kontrollieren Sie
bitte Ihre DHCP-Servereinstellungen und die Verdrahtung Ihres Netzwerkes.
Sollte es weiterhin nicht funktionieren, stellen Sie bitte ber eine serielle Konsole die IP
Ihrer Box manuell ein.

- ffnen Sie nun einen Browser auf Ihrem PC.
(1.) Geben Sie nun die IP-Adresse in das Adressfeld des Browsers "http://ip/" ein.
(geben Sie die angezeigte IP-Adresse des Display der Box ein).
- (2.) Drcken Sie nun auf die Auswahl "firmware upgrade" der angezeigten Seite im Browser.

- Auf der nchsten Seite knnen Sie nun das gewnschte Image auswhlen, welches Sie
in die Box berspielen mchten. Bitte achten Sie auf die Dateiendung *. nfi, dass berspielen
anderer Images ist nicht mglich (KEINE *.img)!
- Klicken Sie nach der Auswahl des Images auf die Auswahl "FLASH!" und warten Sie bitte
bis das Image komplett berspielt und geflasht wurde.
- Schalten Sie die Box bitte aus und danach dann wieder ein.
Die neue Betriebssoftware sollte nun eingespielt sein und hochfahren.

This HowTo is about to Flash your original DM800 to a full installed Box with a Gemini-image on a USB-Stick.

The Box have to connect to the TV , LAN with a working DHCP-Server and can connect to the Internet .
The DHCP-Server is needed to the first flash of the Image into the box.
If you dont have a DHCP-Server then:

Setup a manual IP address in the bootloader:

OK, you don't have an DHCP server. That's normal if you don't have a router or configured one
by yourself. You don't need to install one, but you need to connect a serial terminal now.

You need to know which IP to give to your Dreambox. If you don't know which IP to choose, please ask
someone who can help you. You can choose any IP which is "near" your PC's IP address, but the
IP must not be used by any other device. For example, if your PC's IP is, you could use, unless another device already uses that. In that case, just choose
Or whatever. It just needs to be in the 192.168.2.x range, where x is >= 1 and <= 255.

Start your favourite terminal program, for example HyperTerm. Setup your Comport to 115200/8N1.
Press the "s" key.

Now a setup menu should appear. It should look similiar than the screenshot below.

Press the right arrow. You are now in the network setup menu.
Using "+" or "-" you can set the "Network type" to "manual".
Now you can enter an IP address in below. Press F9 to save your settings.
The Dreambox will shutdown.

Now go back and to the procedure again. "dhcp" shouldn't appear anymore, instead the IP you entered.
Thanks for Librarian on the Setup a manual IP address in the bootloader


This HowTo has following Points:

1. Install Image into the Flash
2. Configuration
3. save Settings
4. installing of BarryAllen
5. Install Image into the Stick
6. Gemini Configuration
7. Emu install[/HTML]
1. 1. Install Image into the Flash

1.1 The Box must be off .If not please shutdown the box and when the message is shown you can take off the cable .
1.2 Now we press and hold the Power-Button and connect the Powercable back
1.3 In the Display should be writen „*** STOP ***“ and we can take the fingers from the Power-Button.
1.4 Above the „*** STOP ***“ should now be the displayed the IP-Adress. Like in this example

1.5 Now we start the Browser , like Firefox or IE
1.6 Enter the IP-Adress we get from the Box-Display.
1.7 In the Window we klick on „firmware upgrade“

1.8 In the following Window can we klick on „Durchsuchen“ and search for the Image that we will install into the Flash.
1.9 After we found the Image can we klick on “Flash” and now the Image will copied to the Box and installed.

1.10 It can take several minutes till the Image is installed but when its finished it should be show like the following Picture.After that we can shutdown the Box.

1.11 Now reboot the Box.
2. Configuration

2.1 After the reboot of the new image the Startassistant is coming up and switching between the Video-Outputs. Here we change the Output o the one we use and pressing „OK“ on the remote control.(I m using Scart here for the Moment , because the Box is connected to a normal TV .

2.2 Now the Video-Mode will auto-switched .I use PAL .When the DB is connected over the DVI-Cable the resulution is asked.
2.3 Afterthat the fps could be set.When you chose it with up/down , press „OK“ to take it.
2.4 Again you will be ask about to test your picture. I say here “No” because this can be done later if needed.

2.5 In the following Window change the languageGo with up/down on your language and than press „OK“.

2.6 The Welcome-message confirm with „OK“.

2.7 Now we were ask if we want to set up the basic features or to leave the wizard . I go on “Use wizard to set up the basic features“ and pressing „OK“ .

2.8 In the new Window could be set some settings .I let the Configuration Mode on „single“ and go with down on the next Point.
2.9 I change the DiSEqC-Mode with right/left to DiSEqC A/B/C/D because I use a T90 with 4 Sat-Positions.

2.10 Now we change with right/left the Satellites we have and with up/down we can go to the next Port.
2.11 If all Ports have set press “OK”.
2.12 Now we have to scan the Satellites . Go on “Yes , do an automatic scan now“ and press „OK“

2.13 In the following Men we say all „yes“ and pressing „OK“

2.14 Now the scan starts .
2.15 After the Scan you can see how many channels were found during the scan.Press „OK“ to leave this window.
2.16 The question for the parental Control i answer with „no“ .

2.17 The End-Message could leave with „OK“.

2.18 Now should open the Channellist and we press „OK“ to chose a channel.
2.19 A TV-Programm should be seen now and we pressing “Men” on the RC.
2.20 Go on “Setup” ( or press the 6-Button on the RC) and press „OK“
2.21 „System“ and „OK“
2.22 Here is first interessting the Point „Network“ . Go on it and press “OK” or press “6” on the RC.
2.23 The first Point in the new window enter we with „OK“.
2.24 Here we set DHCP up to „off“ and give a fix IP . Remember that the first 3 Nummers should be equal with your local Network and only the last Number (x) is only one time in your Network (for example 192.168.0.x) . Netzmask should be . Gateway must be IP of the Router or PC with a Internetshare .
2.25 When all is set up , press “OK” to save it
2.26 Now press so often “Exit” til you are back to the TV-Programm without a OSD.
3. save Settings

3.1 Star DCC on the PC.
3.2 First we edit the Connection Type and enter the IP of the PC and the DM800.
3.3 After that we klick on „Reconnect“

3.4 Now the Programm DCC and the DM800 have a connection and we go left on „Settings“.
3.5 Here we enter the Name of the Backup and set on the right side all Options on.

3.6 Now klick on „Backup“ and the Settings will downloaded and saved on the PC.

4. installing of BarryAllen

4.1 The next Step is to Shutdown the Box. Press and hold the Standby-Button on the RC and than go on Shutdown.
4.2 ATTENTION : Disconnect the Power-Cable only after you see the Message that it is save to do it.
4.3 Put the USB-Stick into one of the USB-Ports .
4.4 Now connect the Box with the Power-Cable again.
4.5 After the Reboot of the Box klick left in DCC Configuration and reconnect new to the Box.
4.6 Here we klick in DCC on „FTP“

4.7 We double-klick in the left window on tmp and search on the right side the Folder with the BarryAllen-Addon.Klick once on the File to mark it.

4.8 With a klick on the Left-Arrow in the middle of the two sides will the File transfered to the Box .

4.9 After the transfer of the File we klick on the Windows-Start Button and go on Execute . Or we use DCC and klick left on "Telnet" and jump to Point 4.13
4.10 Here we enter „telnet“ and the IP-Adress of the DB and klick than on „OK“

4.11 A Window opened and ask for the Login of the Box

4.12 Here we enter „root“ .If you use DCC you dont have to enter „root“ .
4.13 After that enter „cd /“
4.14 and „cd tmp“

4.15 Now you must enter the following syntax.
„ipkg install enigma2-plugin-extensions-barryallen_4.5.5_mipsel.ipk“
4.16 Now BarryAllen will installed and the USB-Stick gemountet and formated.

4.17 After the Installation the Box reboots.

5. Install Image into the Stick

5.1 We klick in DCC left on „FTP“
5.2 Here we Double-Klick on the Symlink „MB_Images -> /media/ba/MB_Images“

5.3 Now in the right Area we search for the Image that should be copied on the USB-Stick.

5.4 Again we klick on the Left-Arrow to copy the File into the Box.

5.5 Now we press the blue Button on the Remote Control.
5.6 We take BarryAllen in this Men.
5.7 The Next point is „Wizard for Images at /MB_Images“
5.8 Than „extract nfi Image from /MB_Images “
5.9 We take the File we have copied before an pressing “OK.
5.10 Now we can edit the Name of the Image.For this we go to the End of the Name (left/right) and pressing „<“ so often till only „Gemini2-350“ is readable. „OK“ to confirm.
5.11 The Question about to extract and restart of the Box we answer with „OK“ on yes.
5.12 Now the Image will be installed and a picture is shown on the screen “Barry Allen is working“.
5.13 After that the Box restarts.
5.14 We press again the blue Button on the RC.
5.15 Take BarryAllen.
5.16 Now „Wizard for installed Images“.
5.17 Point 3 is following : „select installed Image for booting“
5.18 Here select the new Image.
5.19 The Question about the Restart we answer with “OK” on yes.
5.20 In the next Window again.
5.21 5.21 Now the Box should restart ans should boot up with the Gemini-Image.
5.22 5.22 While the Booting we can choose another Image to boot with Up/down on the Remote Control.

6. Gemini Configuration

6.1 Now we start Opendbedit
6.2 First we klick on Options.

6.3 Here we enter the IP of the Box and select „Version 3 settings (7025)“
6.4 After that klick on “Save”.
6.5 Now we klick on Open and search for the Folder of the settings we have saved with DCC.

6.6 One klick on „OK“ if you found the right Folder and the Settings will loaded into this Programm .

6.7 Now klick on „FTP“.

6.8 Here we klick on „Send Files to Dreambox“.
6.9 Now the Programm should send the Settings to the Dreambox.If not , take a look to your entered IP-Adress or mak sure that no Firewall blocks the Programm.

6.10 6.10 Here was the sending successful and a reload command was sending to the Box. There must be a TV-Picture shown again on the TV.
6.11 Shutdown Opendbedit .
6.12 Now press the blue Button on the RC . The new Window you can see is the „Blue Panel“.
6.13 We go to Point 3 „Extras/Settings“
6.14 Press up/down to go to “EPG Settings“ and „OK“ to enter the Men.
6.15 Go to „Location“ and press left/right to choose the new location „/media/usb“.
6.16 With „OK“ we leave this Men.
6.17 Go to Swapfile and „OK“
6.18 First Point with left/right activate the Swapfile
6.19 One Point down and change Size to 64MB
6.20 Location again „/media/usb“
6.21 Now press the yellow Button to make the Swapfile.
6.22 After a short Moment is a new Point show and we can press the blue Button to activate the Swapfile. The Status should change to successful activation.
6.23 Press once „OK“ to save the settings and press so often „Exit“ till you get back to the TV-Picture.
7. Emu install

7.1 The Box has connection to the Internet so we can press the blue Button to enter the “Blue Panel“.
7.2 Now „Addons“
7.3 The first Point „Download (Gemini-Server)“ and „OK“
7.4 The Box is loading the List of Addons and we take the first Point again the “Cams”. “OK” to get in there.
7.5 7.5 In this List we can choose our EMU which should run on the Box.I take MgCamd for example .Mark the Emu with the up/down Button and than press “OK”.
7.6 The Emu will downloaded and automatic installed.
7.7 There are now missing the Keys and the Config of the EMU.You can get them out of some Key-Bundles and put them on the PC . You can take only single Files or the hole Bundle as a tar.gz or or ipk -File .The Bundle-File should copied into the /tmp-Folder of the Box and than make a manual installation in the Blue Panel/addons-Men.
7.8 So we klick left in DCC on „FTP“ and change the left Area to the /usr/keys-Folder.
7.9 In the right Area we search for the extracted Key-Files .

7.10 Mark in the right Area the Files AutoRoll.Key , SoftCam.Key and mg_cfg. Which File you need for each Emu can read in Emulists in the Web.

7.11 Now klick on the left-Arrow to copy the File into the Box.
7.12 If you see the following Picture you can close DCC.

7.13 Now open again the Blue Panel on the Box (blue Button).
7.14 With left/right change the EMU.
7.15 After that press the green Button to start the Emu.
7.16 After the Message you can watch TV and have FUN.
How to Setup Motor in Enigma2

Photos by The LT TEAM
When you select in the Tuner Setup " Simple -> Rotor " the rotor is running in USALS Mode.. and dont
use stored positions.

When you like to use stored positions you must select "Advanced" in the Tuner Setup.
Then go to the Satellite Line and select one satellite you like to setup for rotor use.
Then change the "LNB not available" to LNB1,

change DiSEqC Mode to 1.2, change Committed and Uncommitted Command to None.

Now change "Use USALS for this satellite" to No.

Now you see a new line with "stored position" here you can setup the stored position number in rotor.

For each other Satellite you like to use you now only must change the LNB to LNB 1,
set "Use USALS for this satellite to "No" and set the correct stored rotor position. You need to ush OK
to store your changes for each satellite.
Connecting a disk to the USB 2.0 port in order to record and play back

The DM 800 works VERY well with an external disk connected to its USB 2.0 port. At the end of the day, manipulations of the remote control are identical to those with an internal disk or an external disk connected to the eSATA port.

But, in order to get there, you must begin with a bit of tweaking. The following explanation supposes that you are capable of giving Unix/Linux line commands to a Dreambox (See other threads if necessary...)

Enigma 2 pre-supposes that the disk on which you intend to record (or read) movies be mounted on /media/hdd/ and that it itself contains a movie/ subdirectory.

If you already have an eSATA internal or external disk mounted on your DM 800, you must first unmount it:

umount /media/hdd
Then, you must mount the disk connected to the USB 2.0 port in its place:

mount /dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1 /media/hdd

(Note that the disk seems to be on a SCSI bus, although this is NOT the case. It's a rather ordinary Linux trick to emulate a USB bus as a SCSI bus (via the driver) in order to simplify device access for the kernel.)

To make the mount command for your USB disk persistant through reboots, you must modify or add a line to the /etc/fstab file.
If there is already a line meant to mount an eSATA disk that you wish to replace with a USB disk, erase it. It looks like:

/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1 /media/hdd auto defaults 0 0
In order to mount the USB disk at boot time, add the following line:

/dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1 /media/hdd auto defaults 0 0
Thanks for AmRhein for the external hd tutorial

CCcam Installation and setup

CCCAM INSTALLATION AND SETUP (C line and F line) – Advanced Step by Step
What do you need?
* *
* 1.* DCC – latest version is 2.96 – other versions will do
* *
* 2.* CCcam – latest version is 2.09 – this version has got some fixes over the older version
* *
* 3.* Install CCcam
* *
* Install CCcam on your Dreambox
* *
* On most Dreambox images you can download and install CCam directly from your Dreambox – please refer to your Image help file for installation.
* *
* You can also install CCcam manually if you have the necessary expertise – I will leave it up to you!
* *
* Once you install CCcam set it up as your Default Cam in your Dreambox
* *
* 4.* Install DCC
* *
* DCC is a straightforward setup – proceed with defaults throughout the setup
* *
* 5. Setting up and working with DCC
* *
* Open DCC - Update your Dreambox IP address, User and Pass
* *
* Connect and go down and choose FTP

Choose var/etc, rightclick CCcam.cfg and press edit

6. Adding* Servers (people from whom you are going to get cards) to your CCcam
* *
* So now you are ready to insert servers in CCcam. You need to set up a line in the CCcam.cfg we just opened:

The C line will enable you to connect to the server

This is the information you need to set up a basic C line (all the information is given to you by your friend and will come in this format):

* C:* 12000 12userfromserver34 12passfromserver34
1: Your server’s dns ip:*
2: Your server’s CCcam Listen Port:* 12000
3: Your server’s CCcam User:* *12userfromserver34
4: Your server’s CCcam Password: 12passfromserver34
* So most of the time you just copy the C line sent by server, and paste it in the CCcam.cfg.

7.* Adding a Peer (people you are going to give cards to) to your CCcam
If you are sharing it is usually two way. You give your cards and the other person gives you his cards. So you need to allow the server to connect to your CCcam. You will need to set up an F line to enable your Friend to connect to your server.
* *
* This is the information you need to set up a basic F line (you decide all the information to set up in this format):

* F:* 67youdecide89 67youdecide89

* 1: User:* *67useryouchoose89
2: Password:* *67passyouchoose89

F:* 67useryouchoose89* 67passyouchoose89

Please note that every user needs a different user and password.

Now just put the two lines in the CCcam.cfg file, save and restart CCcam from dreambox.

8.* C line for your Peer
* *
* Now you need to give the information in point 7 above to your peer/friend:

1: Your dns ip:*
2: Your CCcam Listen Port:* 12000
3: Your CCcam User:* *67useryouchoose89
4: Your CCcam Password: 67passyouchoose89
C:* 12000 67useryouchoose89* 67passyouchoose89
* *
* 9. Port Forwarding
* Make sure you forward port 12000 to your dreambox ip, and also to allow your dreambox to access the ports given by servers.
* *
* *
* These are the Basics. There is more to this! But it will get you started!

CCcam Basic Tutorial – Part 2
* *
* Following my Basic CCcam Tutorial, I decided to add some more detail.
* *
* *
* 1.To exclude known fake and old cards you have to insert this line after the password of each single Cline:

no { 0:0:2, 100:3, 100:4, 100:5, 100:9, 100:A, 100:c, 100:d, 100:E, 100:f, 100:10, 100:11, 100:12, 100:13, 100:14, 100:19, 100:1A, 100:1B, 100:1c, 100:1d, 100:20, 100:21, 100:25, 100:26, 100:29, 100:2E, 100:31, 100:33, 100:34, 100:37, 100:64, 100:66, 100:67, 100:6b, 100:6d, 100:70, 100:71, 100:72, 100:73, 100:8C, 100:A0, 100:A1, 100:A2, 100:A3, 100:100, 100:8227, 100:beef, 100:ffff, 500:80, 500:500, 500:1540, 500:1570, 500:2100, 500:2500, 500:4800, 500:5500, 500:7000, 500:7010, 500:8000, 500:8800, 500:8c00, 500:8c10, 500:9c00, 500:9C10, 500:9C20, 500:9C30, 500:9C40, 500:a000, 500:A800, 500:A810, 500:A820, 500:AC00, 500:B400, 500:C, 500:C010, 500:C020, 500:C030, 500:c400, 500:c410, 500:C800, 500:C810, 500:C820, 500:C830, 500:C840, 500:C850, 500:C860, 500:C870, 500400, 500540, 500800, 500:e400, 500:E410, 500:E430, 500:E440, 500:E450, 500:E470, 500:E800, 500:F000, 500:F520, 500:F800, 500:10c00, 500:10c10, 500:10c20, 500:10c30, 500:11000, 500:11c00, 500:12000, 500:12010, 500:12800, 500:12810, 500:12C00, 500:13400, 500:14400, 500:14800, 500:14880, 500:14C00, 500:15000, 500:16400, 500:16800, 500:16810, 500:16C00, 500:16C10, 500:16C20, 500:17000, 500:17010, 500:18c00, 500:19000, 500:19400, 500:19410, 500:19420, 500:19430, 500:19440, 500:1a400, 500:1ac00, 500:20600, 500:20610, 500:20620, 500:20630, 500:20640, 500:20a10, 500:20a20, 500:20a30, 500:20B20, 500:20c00, 500:20c10, 500:20c20, 500:20C30, 500:20C40, 500:21510, 500:21570, 500:21c00, 500:21C10, 500:22100, 500:22110, 500:50000, 618:0, 924:0, 9A0:0, d00:4, d00:8, d00:14, D00:64, D00:68, d01:50, d01:54, D02:80, D02:88, d02:8c, D03:B0, D03:C0, D03:C4, d03:c8, D04:14, d05:c, d0c:c, d0c:10, d0c:14, d0c:18, 1702:6a, 1800:1, 1800:101, 1800:801, 1800:901, 1800:1201, 1800:1301, 1800:1811, 1800:1911, 1800:4001, 1800:4101, 1800:4601, 1800:4701, 1800:4801, 1800:4901, 1800:4A01, 1800:4B01, 1800:6E01, 1800:6F01, 1800:7001, 1800:7101, 1800:7401, 1800:7501, 1800:9401, 1800:9501, 1800:C001, 1800:C101, 1801:7811, 1801:7911, 1802:8C11, 1802:8D11, 4aa0:0 }

* The ‘no’
The 'no' means that you will not take EMM (Emu’s) from your peers. CCcam can do its own EMM work if you add a recent Autoroll.key and Softcam.key in the var/keys folder. Change to ‘yes’ if you want to receive peer’s emu.

* The ‘0:0:2’
The 0:0:2 means that you will only receive cards at a Hop 2 from your peers. Just decide how many Hops away you want to receive (1,2,3,4,5)

The rest will eliminate all known old and fake cards from your server.

2. You have to insert the following after the password of each F:line

2 0 0 { 0:0:3 } { } { }

The 2 0 0

* The 2 means that the peer will get all cards at a maximum of 2 hops away from you.

The first 0 means that the peer gets no emus from you.* Change to 1 to get peer’s emu.

The other 0 means that the peer is not allowed to send us emm. Change to 1 to take peer’s emu. Please note that there has to be a corresponding entry in the in the server you are sharing with.

* The { 0:0:3 }
The 3 means that the peer can share your cards down two further levels beyond his own level. (If you have servers who are not allowing you any reshare, you should change this number to 0 or 1)

* The IP or DNS address at the end of the F line
The IP Address at the end of the F:line makes sure that only the specified peer connects to your server. This may prove very useful with hackers!

* Restricting shares
If you want to restrict what your peers get, you have to configure your peer's F line to which you want to block a card in the following manner. The following example restricts Canal+ Digitaal Nederland (19E). You can change to whatever caid you want:

F: user pass 3 0 1 { 0:0:3, 0100:00006a } { 0100:00006a:07d4, 0100:00006a:07d5 } { } change-to-user's-ip

Therefore user will not be allowed to view Canal+ Digitaal Nederland (19E) (0100:00006a) but is allowed to view the following two channels on Canal+ Digitaal Nederland (19E): Rtl 4 (0100:00006a:07d4), Rtl 5 (0100:00006a:07d5)
* *
* If you want to allow him to view Canal+ Digitaal Nederland (19E) but not to share it you have to add a ‘:1’ :
* *
* F: user pass 3 0 1 { 0:0:3, 0100:00006a:1 } { } { } change-to-user's-ip

* *
* *
* *
* *
* The above settings should work well with most servers.
* *
* Good Luck!
NOTE : Most of this tutorial is not written by me , its collected from diffrent places , so thanks to all the guys for the hard work

Last edited by gfather1; 14-July-2008 at 10:54.. Reason: updated
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10-July-2008, 20:36

Great write up but uhm...the second language is German...not Dutch.
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15-July-2008, 12:28

Brilliant help, meant I didn't have to dig out my null modem cable. Thx.

Gentoo Linux - Nexus-s, Linux VDR - 2 x ATSC HD cards, Hauppauge PVR 500 for analog US Cable, 3 x Hauppauge MVP's running Vomp on VDR, UK TV on IPTV.

Not a single sat dish at the moment. :-(
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15-July-2008, 15:35

Does anybody know if the Gbox tools to monitor the online cards and information is also there for the dm800, gbox suite.??
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15-December-2008, 11:42

how many times usually take this method?
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please elaborate !
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please elaborate ! - 23-December-2008, 00:42

why did you use this way , and not the easy way with universal dream up - program available from the drembox website and a null modem cabe ?

Dream-Multimedia-Tv GmbH

after you have downloaded the image file - i use pli jade for dm800 wich i recomend- here

PLi® Images website

either for dm7025 - or dm800 which has the option from the remote controll to download usb to serial drivers to use the smargo usb card reader for sky cards after fairly easily by adding the code

SERIAL READER : /dev/ttyUSB0 smartreader+

into the file -- via dcc " dreambox controll centre available here

Dreambox Control Center (DCC) 2.82 - Sat Industry Forums

the standard ftp username and password is " root" for username and "dreambox" for the password

enter the boxes ip adress -- you can find this by using the dreamboxes- remote controll and going to

device setup
adapter settings

on the lower part of this screen it will tell you the ip adress of your dreambox!! enter this in the first screen of dcc ,, then go reconnect-

then ftp tab

ccam.cfg - file

you can buy one here but need usb extension cable as its too close to ethernet port on dm800 and wont fit without it,



Telephone Support Line
02893 363888 screen ordered

enter a cline and also this if you want to use a smargo usb card reader as the standard on- board card slot wont take sky cards any more on a dm800 without compex programing- smargo works!! if you read this first

DM800 dreambox installation with PLI Iolite/Jade
1: Enter the download menu
2: Search for USBtoSerial drivers
3: Download
4: Reboot
5: Plug in the smartreader
6: Insert your card. Make sure the chip on the card faces the same direction as the lights on the reader.
7: Done

SERIAL READER : /dev/ttyUSB0 smartreader+

Smargo Smartreader+ - RDI-SAT Forums

also why would you want people to use barry allen - and not explain what barry allen is exactly #? and what barry allen does?? why would people want to use barry allen ?

Last edited by craig; 23-December-2008 at 01:20..
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to - VAs_ - use "THANKS" button in future !!!
read forum rules again
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17-October-2009, 13:01

Thanks for this great tutorial.
I am looking for a french version of this tuto, does it exist?
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dream, falshing, manuals

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