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pista1 25-November-2007 17:47

DreamBox 500s
pleaz hellp what is best for dream,Nobilo or Nemesis software

Witte 25-November-2007 18:40

Hi Pista1,
The best is nabilo. For me is nabilo much stabler then nemesis.
I hope i helped you a lilttle bit.

Happy sharing !!

dreamboy 25-November-2007 18:41

none of the above, for me Gemini


fanatik1 28-November-2007 19:34

best image is gemini

Bayern 28-November-2007 20:04

Nabilo image 0.8v max/var is number one for dreambox 500...

djeeuw 28-November-2007 20:11

Did somebody use Nemesis 3.2 yet.

For me The Best, The Fastest, the most Stable, with other words, genious.

habarbash 14-December-2007 18:19

nemesis go for it

chak74 14-December-2007 18:28

gemini 3.60 is the most stable

antykaps 14-December-2007 20:04

for me bets is gemini

aslat 14-December-2007 22:36


Originally Posted by chak74 (Post 88195)
gemini 3.60 is the most stable

Yep..I agree...

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