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Mixman 07-February-2008 18:25

Dreambox 800 news!
Dreambox 800 is presented in Moscow (Russia) today!

I hasten to share with all of our visitors first impressions of the receiver NEW DreamMultimedia model of DM800 HD PVR.
-- The receiver has a similar size DM600-S PVR.
-- On the front panel opens panelka (as the DM7020 and DM7020), under which lie the card for a single card.
-- The front panel also equipped with a high contrast LCD display (a small version of a similar display DM7025 +). The display has a blue color.
-- The receiver can receive Mpeg-4 AVC H.264
-- The receiver has a built-in HDD to record including programs under the Full HD permission. ON receiver (Enigma II - on the architecture of software is very much like DM7025 +) allows the HDD capacity up to 500 GB. Enigma II is the Russian version of the menu, correctly displays the names of the channels in Russian and work EPG.
-- The receiver is a replacement tuner DVB-S2, which can be easily replaced (even without special skills), on the DVB-C or DVB-T.
-- Set receiver DM800 HD PVR invested much of the same remote DM7025 +
-- The receiver is equipped with an external 12 volt reinforced BP and the current of 3 A.
Now raspishem connectors:
On the rear panel are: RS232, DVI, 2xUSB2.0, LAN-1 Gbit Ethernet, SATA, under modem RJ45 connector, Scart, optic digital audio S / PDIF and Fiber Connectors to connect +12 B from the outside BP.
To obtain exit HDMI receiver complete with a DVI cable-HDMI (HDMI version 1.3), 1.8 meters long.
Photo receiver and his description, we will soon post on the web site as a separate article.
The first deliveries receivers DM800 HD PVR scheduled for 15-25 MARCH 2008
It's for everyone.

jakas 07-February-2008 18:33

so what happened to the 8000 model then ?

Mixman 07-February-2008 18:35

8000 will come also, it has more things ;)
BUt it will come later!

greg-cccam 07-February-2008 18:38

i think 800 will be a test for 8000...a good decision from dream multimedia!!!

jakas 07-February-2008 18:49

any idea of cost of this ??

Mixman 07-February-2008 18:52

Nobody really know but looking for specs then 400-600 euros...

vrell 07-February-2008 19:22

From dreammultimedia-tv:
DM 800 Expected March 2008
DM 8000 Made in Netherland Expected April 2008

greg-cccam 07-February-2008 19:24

so we have to earn money.......hmmmm a lot of money....

Italiano 07-February-2008 19:49

yes yes yes :)

Now I can see the European Championship in HD :P

Forza Italia!

greengreen 08-February-2008 12:29

DM800 will have a 2,5" or 3,5" internal HD?

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