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hitman07 22-April-2012 21:56

how to auto restart cccam
Is there a script that i can use to restart cccam on my dreambox 600s

i am running gemini 4.1.0 and dont have any crontab on my dcc

any help will be much appreciated.

usb30 30-April-2012 12:13

hi , try pls..


nothing new, but I decide to place both scripts ( with small my modification in one post;
here is everything you need to start, restart and auto monitor cccam on your Linux server;

I do in this way ( on my linux debian ) – everything you need to start / restart / check cccam live

1. to copy cccam binary file to your pc:
1.1 - place file CCcam.x86 (from cccam distrib) to /bin/ directory
1.2 - make file /bin/CCcam.x86 executable ( chmod : 755 )

2. to create cccam startup server startup script:
2.1. create new file – cccam.server (cccam startup script) in /etc/init.d/
2.2. copy / paste this text to new empty file „cccam.server“:

#! /bin/sh

# /etc/init.d/cccam.server

start() {
echo -n "Starting cccam.server"
/bin/CCcam.x86 -v -t &
sleep 2
echo " : done"

stop() {
echo -n $"Stopping cccam.server"
pkill CCcam.x86
sleep 2
echo " : done"

# See how we were called.
case "$1" in
echo $"Usage: $0 {start|stop|restart}"
exit 1
exit 0

2.3. make file /etc/init.d/cccam.server executable ( chmod : 755 )

From this point you can test commands :
/etc/init.d/ cccam.server start ( this will start your cccam)
/etc/init.d/ cccam.server stop ( this will stop your cccam)
/etc/init.d/ cccam.server restart ( this will restart your cccam)

3. to create and start cccam live check script:
3.1. create file „cccam-live-check“ , place it to /root directory
3.2. Make this file executable – ( chmod : 755 )
3.3. Place text in this file /root/cccam-live-check inside ( this script will check if cccam is running each 5 minutes, you can change interval with changing value sleep , if you want;
Also you can change text "CCcam was crashed - restarting" and where to write log file ; in my case all crashes I can find in /var/log/cccam-crash.log ):

cd /usr/bin
while [ 1 ];
process=`ps auxwww | grep CCcam.x86 | grep -v grep | awk '{print $1}'`
if [ -z "$process" ]; then
echo "CCcam was crashed - restarting" >> /var/log/cccam-crash.log
/etc/init.d/cccam.server restart

echo "cccam ok" > /dev/nul 2>&1
sleep 300

3.4. edit file /etc/rc.local ( add text)

# CCcam check script
echo -n "Starting cccam-live-check"
/root/cccam-live-check &
echo " : done"

exit 0

3.5. restart your pc ( reboot) , because after reboot script “cccam-live-check“ will start to monitor your cccam server in interval you write in value „sleep“

hitman07 02-May-2012 13:40

will this work on a dreambox though?

ljupco1963 14-May-2012 12:59

restart cccam
is a good this script for restart cccam 214? for dm500s

if ps x |grep -v grep |grep -c CCcam >/dev/null
echo "cccam... ok"
echo "cccam... restarting"
/var/bin/CCcam_2.0.8 &

dj999 25-May-2012 00:06

will any of these work on a dreambox 7020 with cccam2011+newcs165+phoenix cos mine has a mind of its own when the cccam wants to stop working:frown:

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