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Chat Discussion, Solution for DM800 "Tuner Failed" at DreamBox forum; i had so much problem with DM800 & error : "Tune Failed" on all images, Here is my solution: now ...

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Solution for DM800 "Tuner Failed"
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Solution for DM800 "Tuner Failed" - 30-July-2009, 00:50

i had so much problem with DM800 & error : "Tune Failed" on all images,
Here is my solution:
now i'm using "NabiloBlackHole_DM800_011.nfi" even in this image i have same problem too.

and there is a setting in the menu:

Menu => Setup => Service searching => Tuner configuration =>
Send Voltage and 22KHz: YES
Send DiSEqc only on satellite change: YES

after setting it to YES , everything is ok for now.
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30-July-2009, 08:23

I read on a other board that EMP modified some of their switches. Just to make sure that they work correctly with the DM800 Dm8000.

I also read on ******* that some people remove the tuner and pu it back which solves the problems for a while.

There was also written DM800/DM8000 with a J revision tuner suffer this problem and that the box has to be send back.

Personally I don't have experiences with this. I am still waiting till the DM8000 is available on stock:)

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30-July-2009, 11:43

Latest DM800 drivers has solved the tune failed problem. No more tune failed occurs


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08-October-2009, 15:29

I still have the Tune Failed! message.

I have a Dreambox 800 HD PVR, that is now 6 weeks old. It drives me nuts.

Is there a global solution for this problem?
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Dm800 - 09-October-2009, 21:53

I think the major problem its diseqc (I try several). Now its work OK even I have in cascade but sometime fail.i not try Spawn because i think its the best.Try to change the diseqc first and maybe the LNB give error.the dm800 its very sensitive regarding this diseqc.Not have very strong signal for diseqc like other receiver.

sunray SR4X2
dreambox 800HD PVR X3
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21-October-2009, 00:56

I also have the same problem on my DM800 even with latest driver which was supposed to fix that bug. Only very few channels running with latest Oozoon and latest Nabilo blackhole v12.

It's probably not my diseqc or antenna, cause my DM7020 is connected with a sat-cable to my DM800 (LNB OUT) and all channels from all my 10 sats run perfectly.

This really starts to pi** me off!

Any other idea?
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06-April-2014, 22:16

I lost most of my HD channels today. SD is fine.

The odd thing is that a few HD channels are working from all three separate LNBs I have and they're vertical as well as horizontal transponders.

I've tried with/without booster and a new adapter.

Manual scans don't seem to work but a full auto-scan was showing HD channels during the search.

Any ideas, please???

PS: turns out the transponders no longer working are all DVB-S2. DVB-S is fine. I've not changed any settings and tuner A is displaying: "Alps BSBE2 (DVB-S2)".

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02-May-2014, 12:57

There is a manufacturing problem with a lot of DM800SE clones.

The tuner card does not sit properly and cut out intermittently / permanently until reseated.

If you look at the dreambox from the top you should see a green light which indicates the tuner is plugged in and detected. If not open up and have a look at the tuner card - you might notice it does not fit snug and if so fiddle with it until it lights up (probably best to do this while the power is off though).

I had to wedge a little piece of wood in mine to hold it in place.
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"tuner, dm800, failed", solution

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