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Azbox HD Discussion, Az Box Hd Premium at Sharing receivers forum; Hi, I would like to buy this box but I would like to have some feedback from you all, is ...

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Az Box Hd Premium
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Az Box Hd Premium - 13-November-2009, 21:26


I would like to buy this box but I would like to have some feedback from you all, is this a good box? which image? and how is this box with the HD Chanels?

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14-November-2009, 17:05

My expirence with AZbox HD elite ( the litle brother of Premium ) is positive , both versions use the same firmware .

Hd channels are perfect , sd channels need a firmware adjustment , CCcam is working as server and client ( but card reader isnt implanted for CCcam , but the smargo cardreader does work with CCCam )

Currently it can only have 2 different tuners eg. DVB-S2 and DVB-T2 or DVB-C ,

A great plus for the box is the prices .

Kind regards LilleMama
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15-November-2009, 00:09

The hardware and picture quality of the AZboxHD is very good. But the firmware is still in test fase, so don't expect to mutch of it. I run Mbox and CCCam on it and it run with minor freezes, a Dreambox runs a lot smoother. Also de box wil probably never run with 2 DVS-S2 tuners, so be aware of this.
A box with potentions, but not a Dreambox replacement.
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22-January-2010, 00:24

Is THE azbox beter than THE dreambox 800 HD ?.
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24-January-2010, 01:39

No, sorry to say.. But it did have potensiale to be better.. And now a lot more products with open linux based software is hitting the market which may be a good alternative to the DM800


Originally Posted by Goromo View Post
Is THE azbox beter than THE dreambox 800 HD ?.

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01-February-2010, 10:04

I think that the AZBox Premium is a good box. Truth is that the FWs is still in test version but in last time is better and better. Sometime there are small bugs but it is nothing big.
AZ is the small multimedia center too but certainly know it.
At least you save 1/2 amount of money against DM.
Its only my opinion. I wish you good choice.
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01-February-2010, 14:27

Havind a Dm800 clone, i got fedup with limited firmware update possibilities, so bought a Azbox HD Premium (didn't want to pay too much for the DM800 original!!! boy was i wrong!!)

Biggest drawbacks of the Azbox (v/s dreambox 800) is:
- not multitask: so you can't browse the plugins while watching tv in the background for example, or watch a recorded program/movie while a recording is running the background => these are standard on the DM800 (even clone)
- No sky epg! forget having the possiblity to browse the epg like you can on the dm800 (with possibility to download the epg directly: so no need to even have "hiphop" radio channel)
- No blindscan: you have to download channel lists from their server: you can't simply blind scan (or i haven't figured out in the 2 days i've had the box)
- bigger box (this has its pro's and con's...the pros is that you can put in an internal 3.5 disk, the con is that it makes the box bigger lol, so if you dn't want to put in a disk, then all that inside "empty" space could have been saved, especially since there is no electronic, its just an extended piece of metal)
- lesser support: since its not as open as dm800, sometimes bugs takes weeks before the editor fixes... plus, they will not respond to emails (or take too long to respond)

- CCcam support (as a client, it works great, but still slower in opening channels then the dm800)
- 3.5" disks: no need for small disks, plus you can use external usb disks too, work good i think - haven't tried
- better looking box (but that's a personal opinion)
- much powerfull media player: it can play divx, xvid, hd content, mkv, ...etc: basically anything the popcorn can, it can do (since it uses the same sigma chip)
- Real HDMI (v/s the propriatary dmi in the dm800): so you can use high quality hdmi cables and get longer cables if you wish to

i think it has great potential, but this is what you say to a product just released, not to a product that has been released for over a year: they have had their chance to make it a great product, i.e use their potential: but they didn't
so my box will probably be sold very soon: and i'll invest in a real dm800
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