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MGcamd - GBox Client for AzboxHD
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MGcamd - GBox Client for AzboxHD - 25-September-2009, 20:35

MGcamd - GBox Client for AzboxHD

Low and decompresses files added here

- MGcamd
- Inicio Mgcamd

Copy the folder mgcamd as is / EMU / OpenXCAS / and give it attributes 755

Check that the attributes of the files within the folders are like this:

/ EMU / OpenXCAS / mgcamd /
mg_cfg 644
mgcamd 755
newcamd.list 644 If you do not use the otherwise Newcs 755 644
openxcas.conf 755
peer_cfg 644
priority.list 644

For the beginning of the Emu receiver automatically when you turn on power and also activate it manually from Plugins with the remote, copy the files from Home Mgcamd in / EMU / OpenXCAS /.

After copying all the files where you enter corresponds / EMU / OpenXCAS / mgcamd /, you will see a number of files ... including those corresponding to the configuration of Mgcamd, here's how to configure:

On one hand we have a "cwshare", called PEER_CFG, which has the same structure as in Gbox. I put the configuration that works for me better than .


I: (02) # you can put 03 but you run the risk that the emu crash besides it takes a lot to open the channels.
X: (10) # Go not with the cards that will look for, problems of fluidity.
N: (00 01 03 3F 3000 8000)

M: (your ip camouflaged (password))

D: (ip of peer camouflaged your port its port ((pass (A5 A5))))

* For testing the lines G: and Y: [/ quote] Another configuration file is MG_CFG you explain how it works ...


1 .- Communication protocol we will use (newcamd, gbox, etc. .....).

# Network mode, use summ for several clients
# 00 no network (default)
# 01 newcamd NetClient
# 02 radegast NetClient
# 03 newcamd / radegast net client
# 04 Camd3 NetClient
# 08 gbox NetClient
# 09 newcamd / GOx net client
G: (08)

And the preferential connection either:

# Network shares priority
# 00 gbox, newcamd, radegast, Camd3 (default)
# 01 Camd3, radegast, newcamd, gbox
# 02 newcamd, Camd3, gbox, radegast
Q: (00)

2 .- That emms reception takes place in general or whether it takes place exclusively when in a closed channel.

# AU
# 00 disable, no emm pids processed
# 01 enable, emm pids always processed for soft-au and shared cards
# 02 auto, emm started only if channel cannot be decoded
# 03 process emm pids for network cards update only
A: (02)

3 .- On the possibility of receiving messages via OSD issued by the newcs server:

# On screen display type
# 00 No OSD (default)
# 01 neutrino
# 02 enigma
# 03 relook
# + User password for http auth
O: (02) username password

# On screen display Options, summ of:
# 01 show emu ecm
# 02 show network shares messages
# 04 show decoding failed / fta
# 08 show emm keys update
# + Web port to use for osd
S: (02) 80

We indcado the most significant, but it has some things, such as how to show the loginscreen the operation of the emu, etc. .....

And we have another file called PRIORITY.LIST which is also essential for the proper functioning of Mgcamd. In this file to indicate which are the CAID's and suppliers which, preferentially, we want conectar.Una correct configuration of this file will allow us to streamline and accelerate the opening of the channels that we signed


# Use this via prov first
V: (00 78 00)
# Use this seca prov first
S: (80 00)
# Use this caid first
X: (06 02)

As noted in the example we have:

V: (00 78 00) Here we mean that group Viaccess CAID (V), we give preference to the provider 007,800.
S: (80 00) Here, the group that drop Seca (S), we like the vendor 8000.
X: (06 02) And here, we like the 0602 CAID is Irdeto.

We will wonder why there is no section nagra, for example. The answer is that like or Videoguard Irdeto, for example, CAID's are different, we are Nagra eg 1801,1802,1810,1833, etc ..., or Irdeto: 0626, 0628.0631, unlike Dry it in 0100 or where they are all viaccess, hence the need for Section X (only CAID).

So with the same X: We may use Nagra, Videoguard, Irdeto etc ...

And we have the newcamd.list we use it to carry out our connection to the server using newcamd protocol exclusively.


# CWS = 20000 dummy dummy 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 LAN Server

The most important part of this configuration file is correct CWS line configuration, and we have:

"We must show the ip of our receiver (count dyndns or no-ip, if you want to connect while outside the LAN

Communications-port newcamd to connect through this protocol to our subscriber card, that is, to our newcs (20000).

-Username and password (dummy dummy) allocated in newcs user and need to connect to the newcamd protocol.

Deskey-established as a safety measure for our meeting started newcamd protocol (01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14)

-Lan, if we connect through local area network (LAN) to our subscriber card (to newcs), or wan, if we connect from outside the local network.

-SERVER or the name that we have established to our server newcamd protocol. Remember that this parameter is set to Newcs.xml newcamd section and usually the default is newcs.

And with that we would have set the whole system .. unless we turn on newcamd not touch anything.

In my case, so only use Mgcamd cwshare to peer_cfg copying, you must work, because after you adjust the values of all the settings to go for the finest possible. For zapping at the opening of channels there is a delay of 1.5 to 2 seconds.

We can only start the Mgcamd from the remote control:

a) Click the blue trap door "HOME"
B) Click on Plug-Ins
c) Click on OpenXCAS
d) Click on Activation & Priority Setting

e) once there the view that the MGcamd On, So you do not have a # before, if so activate it by pressing the blue button "I-KEY"
f) press the yellow button "LANG" or the OK button to start the MGcamd

g) to exit the menu, press the Blue Button "HOME" and click on TV


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