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Greenshare 12-October-2013 18:34

Help Help Please DM600 green and red light .
Please can someone help me

I Have a Dreambox 600 And i just flashed it with a wrong image.
Now its flashing green and red light

Help me please i will be verry greatfull.

And it doesent connect with dreamup.

(12-October-2013 20:11)
Can Please someone help me out iam very desperate at the moment.

(12-October-2013 20:12)
Can Someone please help me out iam very desperate at the moment

(12-October-2013 20:29)
Please somebody help me

(12-October-2013 20:33)
Help please iam desperate at the moment :'(

walshman 12-October-2013 21:23

re flash
Have you tried usb and Ethernet together with Dreamup ? that worked with my dm500hd !

Barney2222 12-October-2013 22:22

NO Need to spam mate .

I Get that quite often and can be a hard lesson that you need to have at least 1 back-up of your cfg made somewhere on USB device preferrably .

you box isnt broken just stuck in a loop is all but bad news is you probably lost your cfg files .
switch box off hold standby button on front of box then turn it on and wait 15 secs while still holding silver off button then release the button
open a new Tab on your web browser and type in the ip of that dmbox
[] this will take you to flash update page
select image file correct for your box ...i use an old gemini image E1 dm600s
flash image and box is recovered .
Due to lack of Ram Dm600s can be quite frustrating similar to some clone boxes in that you very seldom get the oppertunity to make prefered back-ups untill its too late .

Good luck : )


Greenshare 13-October-2013 10:25

I have tryed that it doesent give me an ip. it just goes red en then the disco again..

and i tryed null moden and dreamup.

ynwa4eva 13-October-2013 22:33

How to flash a Dreambox DM500S or DM600 in less than 2 minutes. Using only your browser and the power button. Would also work on Dreambox clones & other Enigma 1/2 based satellite receivers.

First make sure the receiver is connected to your router, now kill the power to the box, hold in the only button on the front of the receiver, and power it on.

After about 20 seconds, you will notice the red/green lights are going wierd, this is an actual code that I’ll explain in a moment, but you can now let go of the power button.

The receiver has now gone into ###STOP### mode, has been given an IP address and is waiting to be flashed, now watch the lights, have a pen if you need one, and wait for the red and green to be on together.

The green light will flash once, then a quick red flash, 9 greens, one red, 2 green, 1 red, 1 green, 1 red, 6 green, 1 red, 8 green, 1 red.

The receiver has just flashed you some numbers, with a red flash as a marker between them, and its just told you the start of an IP address, 192.168 etc.

A long red flash is a zero, so my box now flashed one long red, another long red, 1 green, 1 quick red, one long red, 1 green, i fast red and 2 green

Now the red and green come on together, and it starts over again.

It’s just flashed out :

192168001012 which translates to the IP

Typing this into a Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer or other browser window brings up the firmware upgrade screen, where you browse to the image, and 90 seconds later its on the receiver.

nelgo 26-October-2013 10:14

I had the same problem. solved it by finding the correct image. although I have an original 600PVR, it worked with a clone image. The image i used was


good luck

Greenshare 26-October-2013 16:57

It doesent connects to dream up or BROWSER OR ANYTHING i flashed it with the wrog image :'(

Greenshare 30-October-2013 13:10

Can someone help please :'(

freedream22 31-October-2013 09:42


Originally Posted by Greenshare (Post 749938)
Can someone help please :'(

If your box is original one,download the firmware for it from d-multimedia site and flash it with dreamup using serial cable.


Pechkin 31-October-2013 11:43


Originally Posted by Greenshare (Post 749938)
Can someone help please :'(

You need to be a little more descriptive as to what's happening. Several people have already given you some pretty in-depth steps - what have you tried? What happens?

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