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Dreambox Image Discussion, Firmware: Dm500 at DreamBox forum; Fix und Foxi for DM500 March07 CVS for DM500 from Schaedelmeister Boxman Image for DM500 Boxman Image for DM500 Neutrino ...

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Firmware: Dm500
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Firmware: Dm500 - 30-March-2007, 12:39

Fix und Foxi for DM500 March07
CVS for DM500 from Schaedelmeister
Boxman Image for DM500
Boxman Image for DM500
Neutrino Dream v2.03 for DM500
CVS for DM500 from Schaedelmeister
SF img for DM500
Satdream for DM500 (Enigma 3.4.0 from TGP)
The Gemini Project 3.4.0 for DM500
NeutrinoDream DaVodka Xmas Edition v2.02 fix
Peter Pan Neverland v1.0 for DM500
NeutrinoDream DaVodka Xmas Edition v2.02
Pli Garnet for DM500
Castle 1.06 MaxVar for DM500
The Gemini Project 3.3.0 for DM500
Special RDI FunPack for DM500
2Gether Stormbraker for DM500
Fix&Foxi for DM500
The Gemini Project 3.2.0 for DM500
Neutrino Dream Plus for DM500
Pli Flubber for DM500
SF Team for DM500

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Update Firmware DM500
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Update Firmware DM500 - 09-April-2007, 20:48

Newest CVS release from Boxman for the DM500


ein neues, aktuelles CVS-Image von heute Nachmittag für die 500er:
aktuelle Treiber (Stand: 07/04/02):
fix no more working ts recording (on demux0) in driver packages with date 20070319
with-webif=expert (Ver 6.0.2)

add RASS (Radio Screen Show) support (at moment just used on SWR3, DASDING and cont.ra (most code comes from Seddi.. thanks for this)
Download it HERE

(04-09-2007 08:55 PM)
Here's another great release from Nabilosat
It comes in 2 flavours

Here's the info:
Here are two versions of Nablosat Image DM500 available

Nabilosat DM500 v. 0.6.1 Plus
Nabilosat DM500 v. 0.6.1 MaxVar

What is the difference between these two images?
1) Nabilosat DM500 Plus: is the most advanced Nabilosat Image. This version include Openvpn fully integrated in Enigma. If you use this image you don't need to intall openvpn plugin because Opevpn is fully included in this image.
2) Nabilosat DM 500 MaxVar: this version is compiled and optimized to have the maximum extra space in /var directory. This version doesn't include Openvpn. So if you don't want to use Openvpn this is your image. With this MaxVar version you have about of total 2.8 M space available on /var.
These are the only differences between these two versions all the rest is the same.

Warning: to install this image in flash Use ONLY DreamUP + serial cable and a complete flash erase.
Don't install this image in flash with flashwizard.
Technical Infos:
* Enigma of: 28.3.2007
* GCC Original CVS
* Web Interface: Nabilosat Personalized by Army
* Busybox 1.2.2

What'new in Nabilosat Images 0.6.1 ?
Included G*** Center
Included Nabilosat CCcam Info Center
Added Option to Use 7000 - 7020 Remote control instead of 500 Remote Control
Added in OSD CCcam Network Info:
Network address
ecm time

Technical Infos:
* Enigma of: 28.3.2007
* GCC Original CVS
* Web Interface: Nabilosat Personalized by Army
* Busybox 1.2.2

Major Features
- Default Skin Army Wire with double style Menu .
- New Webif personalized by Army for Nabilosat
- Webif Nabilosat Emu manager (Start/Change/Manage Emus by Webif).
- Double style menu configuration (dreambox default and Nabilosat style)
- Infobar OSD position configurable (x and y offset).
- internal System picons[/color] (Nabilosat 0.6 doesn't need picon plugin. Picons are image internal and doesn't not effect the zap perfomance and speed.
- picons location settings.
---- Epg Refresh Scheduler
---- Cam Restart Scheduler
---- Commands or scripts execution scheduler
- Inadyn script: Inadyn log now enabled.
- graphical interface to show the Inadyn log. (Warning don't use old New inadyn script is not compatible with previous versions).
- User Script Manager, (put your script in dir /var/scripts/

Function Buttons:
* BLUE NabiloCam Blue Panel
* YELLOW NabiloCp Yellow Panel
* RED - EPG list for active channel
* 2x RED - EPG style menu
* GREEN - subservices
--- NabiloCam Blue Panel (BLUE BUTTON)
* BLUE - Cam Manager (Start - Restart - Change - Auto Provider - Auto Channel ECM INFO IN PANEL)
* BLUE -> RED Fast Key donwload and Update
* BLUE -> GREEN Save default cam and Provider and Channel Autocam
* BLUE -> BLUE Extra Settings
* BLUE -> YELLOW System Info
--- Extra Settings (BLUE -> BLUE BUTTON)
* Openvpn Manager (Plus version Only)
* INADYN config
* OSD preferences
--- System Info (BLUE -> YELLOW BUTTON)
* DB Info
* Mount Points
* Process Info
* Memory Info
* Enigma Setup
* Bitstream
--- NabiloCp Yellow Panel (YELLOW BUTTON)
* YELLOW -> YELLOW Plugins
* YELLOW -> BLUE User Scripts (put your script in /usr/script/
* ADDONS DOWNLOAD MANAGER (Download and auto-install addons and OTHER DREAMBOX IMAGES)
* ADDONS MANUAL INSTALL PANEL (Put packages in /temp and install via manual panel)
* NABILOSAT FORUM (Read main Nabilosat Forums in your Dreambox)
* NABILOSAT SHOUTBOX (Chat with other Dreambox Users)
* SHOUTBOX NICK CONFIG (Set you nick for Nabilosat SHoutbox)
* Nabilosat addon server via internet.
* Shoutbox server via internet.
* AutoCam: Emu can be linked to channels/provider
* Fast K update directly from Blue Panel
* OSD: Extra Info switchable
*** netcard_info
*** ecm_info
*** pro_name
*** feq
*** pol
*** sr_snr
*** fc_fec
*** cam_info
*** crypto_info irdeto_ecm seca_ecm via_ecm nagra_ecm cw_ecm ***_ecm conax_ecm beta_ecm
*** icon smartcard
*** icon emu
*** icon network
* System Info: Many extra box infos
* Nabilosat Forum browsing
* Extra menu: Settings for many features
* Own scripts can be started via Yellow Panel


DM7000 Running Nabilosat Darkstar II
Linux CardServer running Debian 5.0.2
I Hate people who steal my stuff
All youre cards are belong to us

If you're happy with our board, Please consider making a donation HERE

Looking for Peers again. HERE

It's not a shame if you use the Thanks button

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Nabilosat0.8 500 maxvar
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Nabilosat0.8 500 maxvar - 21-May-2007, 22:10

finally it's here :)

Nabilosat DM500 V. 0.8 MAXVAR

Technical Infos:
* Enigma: 10.05.2007
* Graphics additions by Nabilosat team
* Graphics Develop Consulting by Vali, Matrix, Army and Porto
* GCC Original CVS
* Web Interface: Nabilosat edition by Army

you can download languages from Nabilo addon panels and install in DM500 V 0.8

Great News for all Nabilosat Members
Here is the Nabilosat Image V. 0.8 for your Dm500
The main new of this version is that the skin system have been entirely recoded.
The new skin system is a singificative improvement in Nabilosat Images story.

This 0.8 version is MORE AND MORE STABLE AND FAST.
Many graphics objects have been added (Nabilosat Image v 0.8 is the first image in the world to have an Analogic Clock in the OSD).

There is a new way to manage extra/light skin.
In this 0.8 version, when OSD is shown you can press the button OK to have INSTANTLY the extra skin information on OSD.

You can set an option too to have a persistent clock on the television screen.

The new skin Validation 8 used all the new graphic improvments of the 0.8 versions with a very high quality style effect.

Warning: You can use only Skins for V. 0.8++ on this image.

Here you can see a preview of analogic clock and rotating volume:

And Here is a preview of extra skin (2xOK button):

life is like a box with shares.. you never know what you gonna get...
Please keep threads clean and use the 'thanks' button
instead of replying with 'thanks' or something like it.

answers to most of your questions can be found here
cccam sharing tutorial ? find it over here


< /life >

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20-October-2007, 22:31

firm for the new dm500plus is out !

+ 5000 channels to watch, and still nothin' on TV...
- Server 24/7/365 - Wanted.. ziggo 5555.. Share - pm me ! - CCcam -

CCcam info in u'r ODS skin ?!
Start cardsharing with CCcam ?!
Control u'r TV with DreamRemote ?!
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Dream-OF-Pirates2 500 by Racale e Marcorecupero
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Dream-OF-Pirates2 500 by Racale e Marcorecupero - 16-November-2007, 19:26

Neue Skins
porto10002001 & TomRaider
Alpha_pirate & Heavymetal

Picon & Skin Preview im Image vorhanden
by code jlmota

Image beinhaltet:

CVS del 14-10-2007
Web Interface expert
Pirate panel mit klicken auf der blaue Taste hat man alle Emu-bersichten

ecm time
Setting Dreambox:
Sistem Info:
Flash memory
HDD Info
Usb memorY
RAM Info
Active process
Lan setting
Internet connection
Network listener
Route Table

Emulator Info.
Startet Script vom User
Configurieren des Film-Ordners
Configurieren vom ADD-Parameter
Verstecken ECM info im OSD
Aktiviert picon
Speichert Dream-Configuration
Configuration von parental control
Pirate news mit allen Neuheiten
info von team

Snr, Agc, Ber
Frequenz und Polarisation und symbol rate
Video Format
Cam in Betrieb

Addons-Manager Aktualisiert durch Pirates-Panell
Download Addon
emu,confing,setting,locale plugins usw.
Lschen von Addons
Manuelle Installation
internet konfiguration Parameter

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Gemini 4.10 for dm 500
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Gemini 4.10 for dm 500 - 24-November-2007, 13:59

Gemini 4.10 for dreambox 500
Gemini 4.10 for dreambox 500+
Dream pirates 2 dm500 maxvar

NOTE!!!!: Please consider: That watching Pay TV without a valid
subscription is illegal!! All files serve only research purposes!
I won't take responsibility !!!!!!
// NOTE!!!: De-energising of coded transmitters is illegal //

Please Show Your Appreciation By Pressing The THANKS Button!

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problem DM500 with Gemini 4.10
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problem DM500 with Gemini 4.10 - 15-March-2008, 17:04

I put my DM500s with Gemini 4.10, after that I got black screen, nothing to watch even FTA channels. I need help.

The Following User Says Thank You to max62 For This Useful Post:
EngRoomCiRta (18-March-2009)
Warez Master
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15-March-2008, 17:22

Reflash your box with the latest image of The Gemini Project 4.3.1

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13-April-2008, 23:44

i have to install the firm, my box not work after ?

gemini 4.20
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30-May-2008, 14:19

Nabilo 0.8 MAXVAR, the latest version of the better software for Dreambox, best for Dreambox DM500s (Clone) -> Follow this link for download ??????????? ??? ?? ?????? ??????
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