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Dreambox Image Discussion, Firmware: Dm7020 at DreamBox forum; Boxman Image for DM7020 Boxman Image for DM7020 Enigma2 CVS fixed Neutrino Dream v2.03 for DM7020 CVS for DM7020 from ...

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Firmware: Dm7020
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Firmware: Dm7020 - 30-March-2007, 13:41

Boxman Image for DM7020
Boxman Image for DM7020
Enigma2 CVS fixed
Neutrino Dream v2.03 for DM7020
CVS for DM7020 from Schaedelmeister
DS E1-0.31 for DM7020
PeterPan Neverland v1.0
Satandream Special Edition V1
Nabilo v0.5
SifTeam 1.6.2 for DM7020
The Gemini Project 3.4.0 for DM7020
Nabilo v0.4
Boxman image for DM7020
NeutrinoDream DaVodka Xmas Edition v2.02
Pli Garnet for DM7020
The Gemini Project 3.3.0 for DM7020
Doppie Polar for DM7020
SF Image for DM7020
Neutrino Dream Plus for DM7020
Doppie Polar Image for DM7020
2Gether Stormbreaker SE for DM7020
pli Emerald for DM7020
DeepImpact for DM7020
Merlin 1.0 for DM7020
pli Flubber for DM7020
Hydra Phoenix 1.09 for DM7020
The Gemini Project 3.2.0 for DM7020
The Gemini Project 3.5.0 for DM7020

Last edited by icekiller; 08-July-2007 at 19:31.. Reason: new image (font color)
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05-April-2007, 15:11

Thanks for the images, but could you change the font color to black or any dark color, since white on the this background is hard to read.
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05-April-2007, 16:43

yes please change the colors mister
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Left click with mouse and mark all the text,so can you read better
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Font color is now black at your request

If you feel the need use the button.

It is better to give than to take, to share is divine..........
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05-April-2007, 22:58

O mister thenks now is goodregards
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07-April-2007, 20:23

Thanks for the images.
Boxman CVS Image DM7020 03/04/2007
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Boxman CVS Image DM7020 03/04/2007 - 10-April-2007, 00:10

A new CVS release by Boxman


ein neues, aktuelles OE-Image von heute Nachmittag für die 7020:
aktuelle Treiber (Stand: 07/04/02):
fix no more working ts recording (on demux0) in driver packages with date 20070319

OE Build Configuration:
BB_VERSION = "1.6.2"
OE_REVISION = "299a5bba67fe8b549b69a516379c8da2651fedab"
TARGET_ARCH = "powerpc"
TARGET_OS = "linux"
MACHINE = "dm7020"
DISTRO = "opendreambox"
TARGET_FPU = "soft"

- with-webif=expert (6.0.2-Expert)
- with-epg=private
- with-mhw-epg
- with-enigma-debug
- with-reiserfs
- with-pmt.patch

add RASS (Radio Screen Show) support (at moment just used on SWR3, DASDING and cont.ra (most code comes from Seddi.. thanks for this)

Download HERE

DM7000 Running Nabilosat Darkstar II
Linux CardServer running Debian 5.0.2
I Hate people who steal my stuff
All youre cards are belong to us

If you're happy with our board, Please consider making a donation HERE

Looking for Peers again. HERE

It's not a shame if you use the Thanks button
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25-April-2007, 04:43

The Gemini Project 3.5.0 for DM7020
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Nabilosat0.8 7020
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Nabilosat0.8 7020 - 21-May-2007, 23:04

finally it's here :)

Nabilosat DM7020 V. 0.8

Technical Infos:
* DISTRO Opendreambox - Version 1.4.0
* Enigma: 10.05.2007
* Graphics additions by Nabilosat team
* Graphics Develop Consulting by Vali, Matrix, Army and Porto
* GCC Original CVS
* Web Interface: Nabilosat edition by Army
* Openvpn included

Great News for all Nabilosat Members
Here is the Nabilosat Image V. 0.8 for your Dm7020
The main new of this version is that the skin system have been entirely recoded.
The new skin system is a singificative improvement in Nabilosat Images story.

This 0.8 version is MORE AND MORE STABLE AND FAST.
Many graphics objects have been added (Nabilosat Image v 0.8 is the first image in the world to have an Analogic Clock in the OSD).

There is a new way to manage extra/light skin.
In this 0.8 version, when OSD is shown you can press the button OK to have INSTANTLY the extra skin information on OSD.

You can set an option too to have a persistent clock on the television screen.

The new skin Validation 8 used all the new graphic improvments of the 0.8 versions with a very high quality style effect.

Warning: You can use only Skins for V. 0.8++ on this image.

Here you can see a preview of analogic clock and rotating volume:

And Here is a preview of extra skin (2xOK button):
download here

life is like a box with shares.. you never know what you gonna get...
Please keep threads clean and use the 'thanks' button
instead of replying with 'thanks' or something like it.

answers to most of your questions can be found here
cccam sharing tutorial ? find it over here


< /life >
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