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mangusta 26-February-2009 19:57

Nabilosat DM800 Pure Flash 25FEB09, with Barry Allen 4.6.83
Nabilosat DM800 Pure Flash 25FEB09, with Barry Allen 4.6.83

What is the Nabilosat DM800 Pure Flash ?
This image is a simple, pure CVS image to install to flash memory. It is reccomended to those who like the multiboot option with Barry Allen. It is light, fast, reliable and, most of all, upated. Therefore, it is the best solution for multiboot purposes.
What is included in this image ?
This image is including the latest available edition of Barry Allen: 4.6.83. System Plugins: Software Manager and new Network Wizard, Mount Manager
Why should I install this image in flash ?
Because it includes all the latest drivers and kernel modules required to install new images in multiboot. Nabilosat team is about to release version 0.9 of its Black Hole image. If installed to multiboot, the new Black Hole v0.9 requires an updated image in the flash memory. For this reason, Nabilosat team prepared this Pure version for you.
How do I install Barry Allen with this image ?
Barry Allen will be automatically installed at the end of the image Setup Wizard. A console window will provide on screen installation status progress.
Will I loose the images already installed on my media ?
No, you will not loose any of your favourite images, already installed to your media. You will reboot and find them again, ready to be used.
How do I install it to flash ?
You can install it via WebInterface or via serial. However, it is important that you read the simple instructions reported here under.
Release Details

NEW Nabilosat HD bootlogo by MaximoII.
Barry Allen 4.6.83 included
TARGET_ARCH = "mipsel"
TARGET_OS = "linux"
MACHINE = "dm800"
DISTRO = "opendreambox"
TARGET_FPU = "soft"
ENIGMA2_CVS_DATE = "23 February 2009"
ENIGMA2_VERSION = "2.6 experimental"
DVB DRIVERS = "07 February 2009"
SECOND STAGE = "71-pr1"
System Plugins SoftwareManager and NetworkBrowser: included

Remember to enable the Expert Mode in the Customize Menu.

1) Flash your DM 800 with Web Interface or DreamUp and serial cable
2) Complete the Default Wizard to setup the basic steps
3) Upon Wizard completion, Barry Allen will automatically install
4) Follow the on screen information
5) When the install is complete, the DM will restart and new BA version will be available in the plugin MENU.

Barry Allen will have been updated. You will find your previous images listed, choose your favorite as always.

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