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Dreambox Image Discussion, Nabilosat E2 Black Hole - DM800 v0.7 at DreamBox forum; Nabilosat Enigma2 Black Hole - DM800 v0.7 What is new in this version 0.7 ? Nabilosat Black Hole v0.7 is ...

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Nabilosat E2 Black Hole - DM800 v0.7
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Nabilosat E2 Black Hole - DM800 v0.7 - 18-January-2009, 12:29

Nabilosat Enigma2 Black Hole - DM800 v0.7

What is new in this version 0.7 ?

Nabilosat Black Hole v0.7 is highly optimized to offer an HD skin with best performance, speed and reliability.

EPG Loader
Updated OpenTV EPG Loader by MaxZ4
Open the TV channel selection list and use keys 1,2,3 and 4 to launch the new options
KEY 1 will launch the EPG Search for titles
KEY 2 will shortcut the single channel EPG. Move the cursor to select the channel and press 2
KEY 3 will shortcut Multi EPG.
KEY 4 will list the last search keywords. Use it to repeat previous or favorite searches.

NABILO E2 EPG - Enable/Disable Pop Up Window
A new setting is added to the Nabilo E2 EPG. Set it to NO if you want to hide the EPG download Pop Up window
A new information is added to the panel. Press the Blue button, then the Yellow button and select HDD temperature to check how hot your hard disk is.

High resolution skin HD-ONE by Matrix10

High resolution bootlogos by MaximoII

This new image includes the latest version of the Enigma2 Web Interface.
Enigma2 CVS date
16 January 2009 2.6 experimental
Drivers date
10 December 2008
Second Stage #70

Plugins Date
16 January 2009
Plugins will be available for download from the Addons Panel. Many thanks to our BIG brother franzjuve for packing them
You can install this image to flash, without any further support.
You can install this image to multiboot. In this case, you must have the Nabilosat Pure Flash 29DEC2008 installed to flash. This is necessary because the flash image must include the second stage #70
Nabilosat DM 800 Pure Flash dated 29 December 2008 is available here
Main Function Keys
Button 1xOK = Light Info Skin
Button 2xOK = Extra Info Skin
Button Blue = Nabilo Blue Panel
Button Blue-Long-Push = Extensions
Button Green = Nabilo Green Panel
Button Green-Long-Push = Subservices
Button Red = Start Record
Button Yellow = Time Shift
Dedicated Addons Server
Download and install additional packages from Nabilosat server
Enigma2 Analogic Clock
Channel Orbital Position

Advanced Tuner Info: Sr Freq Pol Fec
Signal SNR, BER
Infobar Picons
Advanced EMU information
Nabilo Panels features

1) Blue Panel
OSD Settings
Nabilosat E2 EPG Settings
LCD Settings
Fast Plugin Settings
Inadyn Settings
Swap File Settings
Hard Disk Setup
Nabilo Mount Wizard
OpenVPN Panel
Samba/Cifs Panel
NFS Server Panel
Telnet Panel
FTP Panel
CCcam Info
Memory Info
Available Space
Service Info
Hard Disk Temp
Enigma2 Settings
Select/Start/Restart EMU
2) Green Panel
Fast Plugin
Addons Download Manager
Manual Install Nab packages
Manual Install IPK packages
Addons Uninstall Panel
Nabilosat Statistics
Many thanks to the Beta Testers Team
Black33, ^^Corrado^^, Maximo II, greg, Matrix10, Porto, Nabilo, Army, Piefav, franzjuve, Willow, fbrassin, Neri73, paribas, astemio, lorenzo64, frimmino, nixus, robyhummy, snakie, DeepDiver

E2 Sky Epg loader integration by MaxZ4.
Matrix10 for the new HD One skin.
^^MaXiMo^^ for bootlogos.
Many Thanks to lukkino (VDR-Italia) for opentv source code.

This Images doesn't contain any keys nor softcams.
Backups or other modified Images are not supported!

This image includes second stage #70. Therefore, if you install it to multiboot, it will not work with any previous image in flash. If you install it to multiboot, you must install the Nabilosat Pure Flash DM 800 dated 29 December 2008.

download links:

Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem! - free dereferer service - free dereferer service

author link:
::::>>Nabilosat Forum<<::::
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The Following 3 Users Say Thank You to hamster08 For This Useful Post:
irongbox (20-January-2009), kapzas (23-January-2009), scorer (20-January-2009)
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20-January-2009, 01:59

i want to asku you some questions.

1. I want to know if this link RapidShare: Easy Filehosting is good to download or have crashes....?Because i though it is better to download it from the nabilosat forum....plz explain this beacause iam confused...

2.I have problem with playing mkv v0.7 is there any progress with this?


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22-January-2009, 20:12

Can someone help me set this Image up on my Dreambox DM800HD with my Sky UK Card, I can't get it working but i can get other Images to work
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23-January-2009, 20:02

is this image cccam stable with more than 50 peers? who has more than 50 peers in its cfg and has no network probs with dm800. me with all other images takes half a hour before box reacts on cccam the whole network down even no internet for half a hour .please let me know
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Nabilosat E2 Black Hole - DM800 v0.7 Setup
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Nabilosat E2 Black Hole - DM800 v0.7 Setup - 23-January-2009, 20:17

Hi I have the Dreambox DM800HD and i have a FULL UK SKY Package which i have working perfectly on the LT5 SP4 Image. I have had a few stability problems with this Image as well as lots of Channels missing from the UK SKY EPG, The new Nabilosat 0.7 Images looks very good but i can not get it to work?

I have installed cccam & newcs like i do on the LT Image but i don't get my channels working and when i look up the info it Says Servers Cards 0.

Any Ideas? Someone told me it only work with CCcam 2.0.5 but even with this i have no success
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23-January-2009, 22:34

Go onto the hip hop channel to update your listings, it should give a pop up and tell you when its done.
Also go into blue panel and go to settings and go on EPG settings, go onto uk channels and select update list, it should have all channels then, you select which ones need updating and you are fine, sorted :)
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Thumbs up nabilo - 31-January-2009, 22:45

nabilo is very good
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03-February-2009, 20:43

thanks a lot
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problem installing nabilo v0.7
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problem installing nabilo v0.7 - 03-February-2009, 23:43

Have a DM800 with HDD running barryallen v4.6.73. Successfully running PLI, gemini, and nabilo v0.6. When install nabilo v0.7 the DM restarts but halts about 50% of loading. Have to pull power lead out to exit. What are the possible causes of this and more importantly the solution to the problem?
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04-February-2009, 06:47

thanks friend
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black, dm800, hole, nabilosat, v0.7

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