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Dreambox Image Discussion, Puntal Image V0.10 [DM7000] at DreamBox forum; Puntal Image V0.10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Puntal Team DM7000 V0.10 Firmware for DM7000 Flash and DM7000 - DM7020 Multiboot USB/HDD/CF Technical Infos: ...

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Puntal Image V0.10 [DM7000]
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Exclamation Puntal Image V0.10 [DM7000] - 28-May-2007, 19:26

Puntal Image V0.10
Puntal Team DM7000 V0.10
Firmware for DM7000 Flash and DM7000 - DM7020 Multiboot USB/HDD/CF

Technical Infos:
* Enigma of: 1.5.2007
* GCC Original CVS
* Web Interface: 5.0.9 Expert
* Busybox 1.01

What's new:
- Default Skin from Porto AZUR
- Webif with new css
- Added internal System picons ( Not necessary picon plugin. Picons are image internal ). Only to enable option in Extra Setup).
- picons location settings ( /var/tuxbox/icon/ ). default.png for no pics avaibility
- Enable logging file off misssing Service icons ( Only enable in Extra Setup).
- Added internal Smartcam picons. ( Only to enable option in Extra Setup).
- picons location settings ( /var/tuxbox/icon/ ). defaultemu.png for no pics avaibility
- Enable logging file off misssing Smartcam icons ( Only enable in Extra Setup).

- Preview in Skin Selector manager with no Preview skins image.
- Puntal CRONManager
---- Commands or scripts execution scheduler
---- List a /var/script dir for scripts

- Added Restart in Shoutdown menu (useful when change settings)
- Added date (short format) to OSD info
- Added videoformat to OSD info

Function Buttons:
* BLUE Puntal Panel
* YELLOW Puntal Manager
* RED - EPG list for active channel
--- SmartCam Blue Panel (BLUE BUTTON)
* BLUE - SoftCam Manager (Start - Restart - Change - Auto Provider - Auto Channel ECM INFO IN PANEL)

Smartcam.config /var/etc/[email protected]

osd-name 1 = CI
emulator 1 = Common Interface
camd 1 =
daemon 1 =
optional 1 =
kill 1 =
sleep 1 =
zap-sleep 1 =

osd-name 2 = RADEGAST
emulator 2 = Radegast [Puntal ]
camd 2 = camd.rdgd
daemon 2 = rdgd
optional 2 = np_init
kill 2 = netpilot
sleep 2 = 10
zap-sleep 2 = 3

osd-name 3 = NEWCAMD
emulator 3 = newcamd [vx.xx]
camd 3 =
daemon 3 = cardserver.dream
optional 3 = newcamd.ppc
kill 3 =
sleep 3 = 5
zap-sleep 3 = 7
osd-name = NEWCAMD
# This is the name that is written on the info bar in Enigma

emulator 3 = newcamd [vx.xx]
# This is the name displayed in Puntal [email protected]

camd 3 =
#In one of the enigma models, the camd needs to be re-started after #*EVERY* zap. the camd is the program name that needs to be executed #after a zap. in the case of Radegast, its camd.rdgd (in other cases the #appropriate camd needs to be executed) Some emulators dont use camd - #so this field is left blank

daemon 3 = newcamd.ppc
# The daemon us used to start the main Emulator. This is only started once #when switching emulators

optional 3 = cardserver.dream
#The option line starts any supplimentary programs. In the case of Radegast, #netpilot is started.

kill 3 =
# If a script starts an application, then the smartcam needs to know what #application has to be removed from memory. If the 'optional' field is a script #called '' and starts up another allication, then the 'kill' #field must have the applications name in order to kill it when the emulators #need to start. For example -
# optional 3 = np_init (and np_init starts netpilot) then
# kill 3 = netpilot

sleep 3 = 5
#The sleep time is the delay between starting the camd and the daemon. (seconds)

zap-sleep 3 = 7
#This time is to wait for the smartcam to instruct Enigma to re-zap the #channel after a switch over. This is only done once after an emulator is #started. (Seconds)

* BLUE -> RED CronManager configuration
* BLUE -> GREEN Save default cam and Provider and Channel Autocam
* BLUE -> BLUE Puntal Panel
* BLUE -> YELLOW Restart smartcam
--- Extra Settings (BLUE -> BLUE BUTTON) THX to hydra
* Downloads
* News
* Run Scripts
* Harddisc settings
* Full costumize Puntal Panel /var/etc/[email protected]

<category name="Emu's">
<softcam name="Evocamd 2.14" url="http://webserver/package.tar.gz" target="/"/>
<category name="Download Plugins...">
<tarball name="BitrateViewer 1.3" url="http://webserver/panel/plugins/bitrate1.3_dm7000.tar.gz" target="/"/>
<addonmgr name="Addon Manager..."/>
<category name="Ecm-Info Emulator-Info ...">
<execute name="ECM-Info..." target="/var/script/"/>
<category name="Hard Disk Settings...">
<execute name="HDD Sleep!" target="/sbin/hdparm -Y /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc"/>
*Yellow Panel
*System information Many extra box infos
*Display list of plugins ro run
*Show Missing Picons from Service
*Show MGshare information
*Show MGStart information
*Show MG configuration

Basic Features:
* Puntal addon server via internet.
* SoftCam: Emu can be linked to channels/provider
* OSD: Extra Info switchable

*** netcard_info
*** ecm_info
*** pro_name
*** feq
*** pol
*** sr_snr
*** fc_fec
*** cam_info
*** crypto_info irdeto_ecm seca_ecm via_ecm nagra_ecm cw_ecm nds_ecm conax_ecm beta_ecm
*** icon smartcard
*** icon emu
*** icon network
*** Date

Smartcam output
*** EcmInfo
*** ProviderInfo
*** DecodeInfo
*** CardAmount
*** PeerAmount
*** OnlinePeerAmount
*** Caid
*** Pkey
*** Cards
*** Keynr
*** Pid
*** Allpid
*** fta

*Setup: Settings for many features

No Keys, No Emu Inside.

Thank you to all Puntal Development Team for their effort and dedication:

Gunner, for being the mentor, and be so pacient with all.

Karminzo, for his Grafic tallent, (created our Team Logo)

Porto, for creating Puntal Image Skins, (we are looking forward for the next one mate).

PCD, for the Cronmanager

Krampton, for patches

JEAMB, for all his support to the team, and right words at crucial times, always pushing us ahead...

Fergy, for all his initial impulse to the team, making things move in a frantic speed.

A VERY SPECIAL thanks to this two guys:

Hazem, for everything, without him it would be a lot harder.

Jlmota, this guy never f***ing sleeps, dedication and talent from him was enormous.

ALL beta testers.

To all other Team Members, all of your help was important in one way or another.

...::: PDT - [email protected] Development Team :::...


Password for folder is PUNTALFOREVER
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