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babo1 09-August-2008 11:37

begginer wanna buy a dbox
I'm new and wanna buy a dbox for gbox, I'm able to buy sth from german ebay and polish so could you give me some options?? it should be rather cheap:) I already read some tutorials... which router works fine with dbox for sharing without pc?

AgentSixtynine 09-August-2008 12:19

don't buy one of these old dboxes.
that technic is more then 10 years old! with 66mhz CPU it's very slow and can not handel many peers in gbox.

it's mutch better to buy a dreambox.

babo1 09-August-2008 12:30

but i wanna be only a peer:) dreambox isn't a cheap solution....

AgentSixtynine 09-August-2008 13:08

then some tips:
only buy a dbox2 from Nokia or Phillips. never buy a Sagem!
if you can wait, then wait a few weeks, until Premiere has changed to their new encyption system. then all softcam-emus are down and the germans sell their boxes, because they can't watch Premiere with keys anymore. then you can buy a dbox for under 50€ with a little luck.

geo1 09-August-2008 15:20

Dont buy anything unles you have enough cash for something hat is worth the money.Acheap so;ution is a bad solution.Be patient untill you have the funds.Consider that you made a present to the woman of your dreams then spent the money for you.Or consider that you lost you got drunk and you spent the money for a night out.ITS THAT SIMPLE

babo1 09-August-2008 16:33

no way, it's is temporary option, during studying I just want to have a live match that's all, dbox will be enough for gbox??

AgentSixtynine 09-August-2008 17:14

yes, it's enougth, but don't take more then 300 cards and not more then 20 D: lines.

if you want to share a local card, then you have to mod the box with a mulicam or need to use a serialreader on com-port.

geo1 09-August-2008 18:20

get a chinese dm500s for eur85 + shipping and you dont want a little luck to find one and buy.You can find them everywhere......although i waould not buy a chinese one for myself still a lot r happy with it

Greenblob 10-August-2008 02:00

just get a cheap dreambox 500, pay a little extra its worth it.

dbox are old and not worth the hassel to be honest.

dreambox or tm9100 works a treat.

samot4 13-August-2008 21:33

The diffrence in performance betwheen dreambox and dbox2 is really marginal.Infact dreambox is really a clone of dbox2.Dbox2 works really well as a peer.

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