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suffolksat 19-October-2009 02:19

First post
Hi, I love my football and in the past have had programmable cards that allowed me to watch games on a Saturday afternoon. When digital came along it took me a while before I finally bought a receiver and longer still to buy a programmable XCAM. When that became a pain I eventually bought an ART and then a Digitalb card for a season each and I haven't done much since with cards.

I was looking to see if my XCAM was still viable when I came across the concept of card sharing. I've been looking at sites that sell receivers that connect to the net for card sharing. It doesn't look like it would be worth my while buying one of these things as the football channels don't look to be supported. It would be nice though to be able to see some programmes now and again.

I bought a Skystar 2 card just last month for the sole purpose of opening up any 422 feeds that might be found. As it happens I haven't done that yet but have used it to watch a game on FTA satellite.

When I came across this site and did a quick scan it appears that my new PCI card might be more useful than I think.

Now I don't subscribe to anything so I have nothing to share. Is this site only for people who have something to share? If it is then can you use this PCI card and software from this site to connect to one of those card sharing servers?

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