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jozweerd123 06-February-2008 16:37

Media center with skystar 2 HD
I want to replace the dreambox and the dvd player for an windows media center pc, but i want to use the skystar 2 HD BVD card with Gbox, but can it support Gbox and media center and how do you install Gbox on an pc and what kind of software do i need?
And is that the right BVD card or are there better ones to watch HDTV channels?

And also what's the best video card for HDTV?

Thanks in advance

bigbluerabbit1 09-March-2008 00:23


i have skystar HD with my pc and i use dvbdream
i use gbox and all is working !!!!!!

satfreak1 08-June-2008 02:58

How did you get dvbdream to work stable with gboxplugin?
i use gboxplugin 1.1 for hd and waht kind of gbox config do you use?
with me it freeszes a lot also with dvbviewer and progdvb.

I instal gboxplugin 0.0.6 beta 3 and replaced it with 1.1
i also read the Tutorials but no results, can any budy help me with this?

my system is vista 32bit and all the windows updates.

wickham40 09-June-2008 15:42

Vista MCE doesnt support HDTV.
To watch dvbs channels under vista Mce u need:
a software from DVBLogic - provider of digital streaming connectivity solutions because vista MCE doesnt support dvb-s or dvb-s2 or dvb-c only dvb-t.

ZackOb 17-September-2008 15:29

At least MCE does now - with the new "Fiji" Tv pack release for OEM MCE builders - support DVB-T subtitles and multiple tuners. Working like a charm.

Are anyone successfully running gbox with m$ mce on vista?


Daydreamer 23-September-2008 00:32


Where can I find the new release?


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